Truth or Dare with a Sprinkle of Lime Sauce

The night began as one of the lady friends that I met up with after school came to my house and she called her friends to tag along too.

My best friend Jimmy was on his way over because every Friday we used to hang out.

So as we all get together in my basement, one of girls, Tina, gets bored and suggests we play truth or dare.

How cliche right?

So since Tina started first she picked me. She said "Luke, make out with Nancy."

Me, being a 14 year old, was very nervous around girls so I began saying "no, no way im not doing that!"

But as Nancy leaned in to put her lips on me, I fell into a pure bliss. I made out with her for 2 minutes before another girl dared Jimmy to throw the lime sauce in my kitchen in my face.

So my dare ended with me getting sprayed with lime juice all in my eyes and in my hair.

This night has been ruined because I was now embarrassed that I kissed an ugly girl and now that I’m surrounded with females laughing and pointing at me.

It truly could not get any worse from this point so I had began my dare as I stated to ease my pain and I told the 3 girls(that were very attractive) to start kissing and stripping down to their under garments.

Oh boy my night took a total 360 from that point from me getting embarrassed to seeing the 3 hottest girls in my high school making out right in front of me.

I looked at Jimmy, he looked back, and I gave him a huge high five dismissing the fact he embarrassed me.

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Dec 13, 2012
bro five!
by: Francis

Way to bro out. Perhaps the lezzing was a little early for your age, but as long as everyone had fun...!

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