Truth or Dare Surprise

by Sara
(Chicago, Illinois, United States of America)

Okay, I was playing truth or dare with my friends (all girls) on a sleepover.

a teenage guy is dares to kiss a girl without telling her
First it was fun, but then my bff Kasey said, "Let's do more harder dares." So, I picked dare, and Lily, one of my friends, dared me to kiss Talia, but I chickened out.

"Did you even have your first kiss Sara (me)?" Lily asked me. I started stuttering--until my crush Jake and his guy friends came in. "Hey," Jake said. "I got some sodas and Doritos.

Lily invited them into the game. And of course, she dared Jake to stay locked in the bathroom with me for a half-hour. We went in, me feeling awkward. "So..." I said. Jake starting blurting out how he hates playing truth or dare because of weird dares like this.

"I know right." I said. And, omg, he looked into my eyes and kissed me!!! :D It seemed so short, that time in there kissing in the bathtub... After about 20 minutes in the bathroom, I heard giggling. I opened my eyes in mid-kiss and saw Lila and Mark spying on us.

Omg! It was embarrassing getting out of the tub! But, me and Jake and Lily and Mark stayed when everyone left in the morning doing a little...

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Aug 28, 2011
what did you do?
by: Anonymous

Tell us a little about what you did when everyone went away ;)

Oct 29, 2011
Give me more!
by: Anonymous

YEAH, how much farther would you have gone? Oh lala...

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