The Brave Hunter - A Dad's Prank

by Name Vick.
(Ohio. )

(Photo from bark)

There we're nine of us who lived in a big house. Dad and mom worked very hard to raise us right. To teach us of what was important in our life.

I felt that is what contributed to the way I am today. We always had something interesting happening almost each day.

There we're moments in which I thought was so funny. Like the time when dad found something of interest on the way home from work late. We're already in bed when he got home.

Well, he decided to make a practical joke on us. Dad was always doing that. Keeping us in stitches. He decided to place that object at the end of our driveway.

Well the very next morning as we all started to get up out of bed. We were told to look out the front window of our living room to look at something very strange at the entrance of our driveway.

It was far enough to not really make out what it was. Our imagination had its way with our mind. We really could not figure out what it was.

Dad then asks me for I was the oldest of the siblings to go out there and see what it was. Well I really did not like the idea of going to check out what that was.

I was very nervous, but I went ahead and got my coat on and I also grab a ball bat just for protection. Stepping outside the front door beginning my walk of bravery tours that object of question.

I begin to feel eyes behind my back watching and waiting for what would happen next. As I got closer and closer I was thinking about myself why it wasn't running away from me. Maybe it was wondering who I was.

As I got near to it, I realized it was not living. I started to laugh and then knew what it was. I picked it up and turn tours the house showing it was not alive.

For it was a groundhog stuffed standing on its hind legs.

Yes, someone stuffed this groundhog.

Leave it to my dad to drive us crazy.

We all had a laugh at it. I was sure relieved. I guess you could say I was a brave hunter. And I brought home the bacon, hahaha...

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To prank or not to prank?

A group of us girls were sitting around bored on a Saturday night. We had been drinking pretty heavily and decided it would be a good idea to play truth or dare.

After a few rounds, Becki chose dare.

We were having a great time, laughing and talking, and decided it would be fun to dare Becki to prank call her ex-boyfriend.

Now her and her ex had broken up because she had caught him cheating on her. When she caught him she got a little out of control and screamed at him and slapped him in the face.

So Becki dials the number, puts it on speakerphone, and it starts ringing…

You could tell she was very nervous.

All of a sudden Gary answered.

In a cheesy fake accent Becki said what we had told her to say, which was:

“Hello. My name is Helga. I come from Russia and open cleaning service. I offer you discount on mattress sterilization. Get rid of nasty from dirty girls”.

He hung up on her.

We all laughed and continued our game. About thirty minutes later we heard a knock on the door. We knew it couldn’t be Gary because he didn't even know where I lived.

I went to open the door and it was the police! They asked to speak with Becki and told her there were reports of constant harassment and that they knew she had contacted Gary.

She admitted to making one call but not anymore than that.

They advised her to stop calling him, which she did.

We were all a little shook up for the rest of the night until the morning phone call came in.

Come to find out, the girl Gary was cheating on Becki with also caught him cheating with another girl and had been harassing him ever since!

When Becki prank called him, she forgot to block out the number so Gary assumed it was her the whole time!

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Sorry Streaker

by Kira Clovis
(CA, USA )

Best Truth or Dare Prank Story

Best Truth or Dare Prank Story

(Photo from craigallyn)

It was a late summer night, and I was out partying at the park with my brother and some of our friends. We were getting pretty drunk and playing truth or dare, and so far nobody had come up with any really good dares.

Our friend Chad had been whining about how lame all the dares were, and I decided to up the ante a bit. All his shit-talking had to be handled.

His turn came up and we dared him to streak down the street for 2 blocks in nothing but his socks and shoes.

It took him awhile to work up the courage, but he finally did it.

As soon as he passed the first block, I grabbed his clothes, ran to the nearest house with lights on, dropped them on the porch, rang the doorbell, and everyone took off running.

The homeowners came out, saw the clothes, looked around, and CARRIED THEM INSIDE. Chad came running back holding his junk, and freaked out! "What the hell did you do with my clothes!!!"

I told him exactly what happened, and just about peed my pants laughing as he shuffled up to their front door buck naked, head hung low, and rang the bell.

The homeowners busted up hysterically, and teased him before returning his clothes. He dressed himself cursing at us and laughing, and gave me props for the idea!

Chad never ran his mouth like that again, and I still hold the family record for absolute best prank ever!

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Mike Powers

by Mike
(Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA )

(Photo from imagerymajestic |

My favorite Truth or Dare drinking story is the time when I admitted a childhood prank that I had once pulled and wound up receiving a very big surprise.

It all happened one summer night back when I was in college. We were sitting around the dorm room after classes had ended and drinking beer. Someone suggested we play truth or dare, and we all agreed.

I accepted a question to reveal the worst thing I ever did as a child. For me, that was the time I blew up a mailbox on a night when I was driving around with a few friends from high school.

It may not sound like much, but as I grew older I realized how easily we could have injured a bystander or ourselves with any kind of explosion.

I expected the others to laugh, but it turns out one of the students present lived next door to the house where this all happened.

He was still a little ticked off because he was blamed for the incident, and his parents refused to let him drive or see his girlfriend for a month. I grew up in northern California and went to a nearby university.

However, I didn’t know that this young man, who I only met that evening, had once lived in the same neighborhood as me. It turns out he was from a family that moved in and moved back out that same year and he was a few years younger than me so our paths never crossed except for this curious coincidence.

After so many years had passed, all I could do was apologize, and he calmed down quickly and accepted my regrets. We actually became pretty good friends.

We still hang out occasionally and drink beer. However, we never blow up any mailboxes.

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A Night Out in the City

My friends trapped me well in a prank :(

My friends trapped me well in a prank :(

(Photo from Arturo de Albornoz)

So it’s a summer night in New York City. Me and my friends are playing truth and dare while drinking out of a Hennessy bottle with some RedBulls.
It’s my turn and they dare me to go ask my cute neighbor out (At that time I had a crush on her) Me being chocolaty drunk go over to her house and ring the bell.

She opens wearing an amazing tight red dress but she had a sad face on, so I’m talking to her and trying to figure out what she’s doing for the night and it turned out that her boyfriend has ditched her to go to a strip club and she’s all alone by herself.

So me being drunk I told her that I’d happily keep her company for the night, she was cool with it and she invited me in. so while we are talking I tried to get close to her by putting my hand around her neck.

She looked at me kind of funny and she kinda laughed about it, but at that time it didn't seem unusual for me. Then she starts texting someone and she was really paying attention to her phone and surprisingly she just told me that she’s horny and she’s going to go take off her dress and come down for some fun time.

As soon as she leaves my sight I take off my clothes and I’m only in my briefs waiting for her. A few minutes later I hear someone calling my name. Eddie, Eddie I look at the stairs and all I see is my friends with the cute girl and they are taking a video of me.

They were all laughing and I just ran grabbed my clothes and quickly got dressed. It turned out that they planned the whole situation with her so that they can embarrass me. And it definitely worked out well for them :(

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Drunk Prank Calls: Car for Rent?

My friend Jack and I were at our friend Louise's house in Tempe, having some drinks and fun, and we started a Truth or Dare ring. After a couple of stupid little things to get the ball rolling, I turned to Jack and said, "I dare you to go out and bring something back from someone else s yard."

He drunkenly accepted and took off into the night. Sometime later, he came back with a "for rent" sign. It just said "for rent", with a phone number. He stuck it on Louise's old ratty Ford Festival and called the number on his cell. It was about 2 in the morning at this time.

He got an answer, and began pestering them about wanting to rent their car. When they denied having a car for rent, he acted angry, saying that he was standing there, looking at the car, who else did he get the number?

They hung up, he called back a couple of times, and for three days those poor people were harassed by everyone who heard the story and wanted in, until Louise's housemate one day called the number in order to return the sign.

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Apr 14, 2012
poor guys
by: Francis

Successfull prank call - at least for someone drunk! Nice :)

I guess the sign "for rent" was for something else, like a house? If I was prank called late at night, I would just put out my phone the second time it happened.

Seems like you got yourselves some patient and easy victims for your pranks!

Apr 14, 2012
by: Anonymous

as long as he didnt drive back drunk with the car for doing the dare all is still good lol

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Littering the Neighbor’s Garden as a Dare – I got Creative

by Ali
(Missouri. We called it Misery ;))

A Unique Dare Story. Must Read!

A Unique Dare Story. Must Read!

(Photo from Ben Sutherland)

The fall of my senior year in high school I went to a huge annual party thrown by Jack Haynes. Absolutely everyone came to this party and even though I was set to spend the night with a friend cramming for an early morning ACT test I convinced my friend we had to go.

He agreed to go for two hours only under the condition that we make and bring our own drinks and drink nothing else at the party.

Yeah... right.

I had transferred for just my senior year so I was fairly new in a crowd that had grown up together here in Steelville, a medium-sized town in Missouri or Misery, as we called it. I had somehow become friendly with the notorious Ryan Wells with whom I had Algebra II.

He was to be my ride and platonic escort for both the party and the ACT test in the morning. The party was packed and lively and soon I lost my drink from home, but found plenty others to take its place.

Ryan found me sitting in with a group of strange girls in the living room and dragged me down to the den saying:

"Come on, Ali! we're playing Truth or Dare."

I was not particularly excited about the game, but Ryan left me little choice so I joined the circle and cringed. After the usual spattering of kiss this person and declare your love for that person a quiet guy across the room called me out.

Feeling quite frisky by that point in the evening, I chose dare.

He dared me to pull a unique prank on his neighbor by littering their front yard with not toilet paper or forks, but something unique.

Well, I had never really done any of these types of pranks apart from the regular toilet paper, but an idea did cross my mind.

It was election season and there were more elect this guy, that guy and this chick signs than you could count.

Ryan and I went around town gather election signs and headed to the appointed address. By 5am we had posted 178 election signs in the front yard of quiet guy's neighbor.

We even managed to squeeze in two hours of sleep before our scheduled 8am ACT test.

I scored a 27.

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