Truth or Dare in the Gym: WTF was I doing?

by Edward
(Terre Haute, in USA)

(Photo from dri)

So there I was minding my own business freshman year about 10pm on Thursday night before Spring Break started Friday. Then I heard running and laughing in the hallway and opened the door to find my friend from two doors down and about six girls going into their room.

So obviously I joined without even having to be asked. We just drank a little and played our music too loud and then it happened. One of the hottest girl in the room, Stacy, said: "let's play truth or dare".

Naturally we all feeling good agree, and what happened next was a story me and my friends still talk about and laugh about to this day.

As a basic game of truth or dare would go we did easy dares and truths until Stacy got bored and says to me truth or dare?

I manly say DARE and she says I dare you to strip naked and go down to the work-out room on the 1st floor and start running on the treadmill for three minutes.

I had to barter the three minutes she wanted 10 to start with, three was her final offer.

I accepted and down the stairs I went and at the stroke of 11:41 I started running on the treadmill and did so for three minutes and we all laughed and I sprinted far faster off the treadmill and towards my clothes, then I'd even ran before.

We sprinted upstairs and I got back in my clothes. The rest of the night went off without anything near as stupid.

Well when we got back from Spring Break I had a letter on my door and had to go have a meeting with the RA and head of student affairs.

Yes - of course they had installed video cameras in the work-out room and we had no idea.

I was placed on probation for elude behavior and had to explain myself in front of the entire Student Life board which included five students, four professors, and - yes - Stacy was so one of the students!

I did manage to become more interesting after such a crazy night and Stacy did even go on a few dates with me after, but I don't think I was near as interesting or daring after that night.

At least not to her, but I still get texts and calls from those fools asking if I want to run on a treadmill or if I'm still "running late" but it was great and something I always remember.

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