Truth or Dare at Jungle themed party

Having Fun at a Jungle Themed Party

Having Fun at a Jungle Themed Party

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I was in college and I was at a friend's "jungle" themed party. The party was a lot of fun, then it started to get late and a lot of the people passed out-the only ones to stay awake were me, my boyfriend, my roommate and our guy friend. We went to another room so we wouldn't wake anyone up that was asleep on the couch and floor.

We decided to drink some more and play truth or dare. I was dared to take all of my clothes off. This is something I would never normally do, but the alcohol in me was all for it. So I took all my clothes off. Then, my roommate turned some music on and I started dancing. So here I am naked and dancing in front of three highly intoxicated people.

Not that big of deal, considering the three of them wouldn't remember it the next day. All of a sudden the door opened and Six people including my boss at work were standing there shocked. I guess my boss stopped by because we had invited her to the party earlier that day.

She woke everyone up in the living room when she came so she could say hello! Yep, so everybody saw me naked...and they were all sober. I couldn't show up to work after that and show my face-so I quit my job. This story is a good indicator that alcohol and truth or dare are a deadly combination!!

Oh I forgot to mention that one of the girls that opened the door was the guy in the room with me's boyfriend. So needless to say she was very upset that I was naked in front of her boyfriend-so she ended up breaking up with him. So not only did I lose my job over it, I also broke up a relationship.

Oh college.

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