Truth Dare Changed My Life Forever!

by Rachel Hills
(Bendigo Victoria Australia)

My name is Rachel. One night I got invited to my best friend Lauren’s sleepover. But she had invited the popular girls Mikayla, Kate and Clare!

I really hate Clare.

She is so pretty and the school’s queen bee!

She has the boy I love.

When they got here, we gave each other make overs and talked about clothes and stuff. Then Lauren wanted to play truth dare. I hate truth or dare but all the other girls wanted to play it. So I gave in.

At the start it was funny: we had to do stuff like prank call boys and kinck knock on doors. Then I got dared to kiss Tyler (the guy I love) so I did - lips and all (he lives near Lauren)!

After that Clare went all mad and moody so we stopped playing and watched movies all night.

When we got back to school Lauren joined the cheerleading squad with the other girls. After that clare would boss me around and spread rumors about me like: “she is pregnant” or “she slept with my boyfriend” or “did you know she is lez”... And everyone believed Clare! So everyone called me a slut or a skank or a dyke.

They even wrote "slut" on my locker!

Clare would call me names like fat and ugly and weird!

Clare would plan stuff with the other girls and not invite me.

Clare and the other girls even Lauren stopped sitting with me at lunch so I had to sit by myself!

Clare would skock my books out of my hands I started to put on weight. So I always got called fat...

After a few months or so of this I cut my hair short and dyed it pink, got a nose ring and tattoos.

I started drinking alochol and smoking and sleeping with a lot of random dudes and wearing really slutty clothes and a lot of make up.

And I started throwing homework in the trash and mouthing off to the teachers and stealing stuff from shops!

I even got in trouble with the police a few times!

I was getting bullied even more than before. I had no friends. Everyone hated me, except for Tyler - he felt bad for me and would come to my house, and we would study together and take walks and eat lunch and go to the movies and make out sometimes. We even had sex a few times.

Once when Clare found out, she slapped me and gave me a black eye.

The bulling kept getting worse so I stopped eating and started cutting myself!

I even fainted a few times and I would always vomit and stuff.

My parents did not know what was wrong. They were really worried.

One night, they had a party and came to my house and threw eggs at me and water ballons at me!

And said - and I quote:

Me: (trying not to cry) what are you all doing?

Clare: getting you back for sleeping with my boyfriend you pathetic ugly fat wanna be friendless loser!

Lauren: slut!

Miki: whore!

Kate: skank!

Clare: Twat!

They had a lighter and a spray can and lit my hair on fire!

When they left I let the tears come I ran up to the roof of our two story house and I jumped!

I woke up in hospital and found out I had be in a coma for a month!

When I was well enough to leave the hospital, mum took me to a guidance counselor. I finally told mum everything about the dare and the bullying and the cutting and the night I jumped and what they called me and even about having sex with Tyler.

The doctor said I had depression. For the next few months I was home schooled and started eating right again. And I started to get back to the weight used to have and dyed my hair back to blonde.

When it grew back got rid of the tats and the nose ring.

I stopped smoking and drinking and stopped the cutting. My depression went away I was happy again and had a lot of confidence with my self and my body.

I went back to school and found out that all them 4 girls got expelled and charged for setting my hair on fire.

When I got back I made some new friends (nice ones this time) and started dating Tyler and I became a straight A student.

I was on the Honor roll! Everyone was nice to me after they heard of everything that had been really going on.

It took a long time for mum and dad to let me have another sleep over and I'm never alowed to play Truth or Dare again.

I grew up married Tyler, had some amazing kids and became a lawyer!

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Apr 09, 2012
Wow! The story touched me.
by: Francis

Thanks for sending us this very touching and personal Truth or Dare Story. I am happy that you like us so much that you can share such a personal story about yourself and your past with us.

To be honest, your story shocked me. It touched me and it left me speechless. In the middle of the story, I was not even sure if I could publish it on my website. I was really relieved to read that there was a happy end.

This was not so easy to overcome, the challenge of yours.


Those four "friends" you made before, you couldn’t call them friends. They were horrible and they deserved the punishment they got and more. Has there ever been such an intense case of bulling at your school ever again?

I sure hope not!

How old were you when you did all this? Some may say that the story cannot be true, but you know what?

I choose to believe you. I choose to believe you turned your life around and went from game over to happy end.

And even if the story might be made up or would be missing some details, I still think that there might be girls out there who suffer in the same way you did in the story.

Great job standing up for yourself and great job taking your life in hand again.

Aug 12, 2015
I am in tears
by: Anonymous

This is totally crazy I am 11 and now I now I know why we have all Those boring bullying classes

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