Toss the paper and the streaking truth

(Photo from Brett Jordan)

My friends and I used to go camping in just outside of Austin, Texas every November. When night time would come we would often amuse ourselves by making childish dares and bets.

On year after an abundance of adult beverages we made a bet in regards to throwing crumpled papers in to a distant trash can. The looser, Mike? Well they had to strip down and run a loop through the camp site through the midst of the nippy 30 degree air.

The part that that makes this so classic is that as he was runny back to us the park ranger drives towards him while making his rounds. The headlights hit him, he freezes, and the park ranger comes to a screeching stop.

For what seemed like an eternity, but likely only a few seconds, the two were at a standoff with the ranger still in his jeep. Mike runs through the woods and back to the camp site.

By the time the ranger caught up to us we were all back at the fire as if nothing happened. Still one of the best camping stories we've had.

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