Too Old for Truth or Dare

by Kristin

(Photo from nick step)

When I was about 35, I was contacted by an old boyfriend on facebook. He and I wrote cordial messages back and forth for a while, but after a while it got a little more personal. He and I did a few chat sessions and remembered old times.

I was married, but he was not. He indicated that he had feelings for me, but was respectful to me for the most part. It was mostly flattery.

He asked if I would be in the area and it happened that I had planned to be there in a few weeks. He said he would get together a group of old friends and we would all go out. It sounded like a good plan and I trusted myself mostly.

I figured that being in a group would make it possible to keep it G rated. When the day arrived I met him outside the hotel where I was staying.

He was the only one in the car and I figured that we would be meeting the other people. He said after a few minutes of chit chat that he had a confession.

He said he had not said anything to the other people because he wanted me all to himself.

I was a little spooked, but he reassured me that his intentions were honorable and that he just wanted time to catch up and talk.

I trusted that.

We went to dinner and it was a little awkward, but we enjoyed talking about old times. He suggested we go to a local bar afterwards. There was a band playing and it was very loud.

After a while we left and went walking by the river a few streets away. It was pretty deserted and we sat up on a wall next to a building and talked some more.

We joked about playing truth or dare. He suggested that maybe we should play that now. I was a little hesitant, but agreed.

He again assured me that he would be a good boy. Mostly we gave truth answers and even the dares were more of confession type answers.

But after a while he did dare me to stick out my chest and hold my shirt back a little just so he could see how different I was from when we first knew each other.

He did not seem like he would go much past that and I sort of balked at the idea, but after a few more rounds he did ask that again. So I did that for him.

After that he had some more truth questions that were somewhat related to what he had just seen. I gave him a little of the info he was after, but they started to feel awkward.

I quickly realized that I was far too old and far too married for this sort of thing.

After a few minutes and some uncomfortable silence, I said: "I am tired". He took me back to my hotel and after a hug that lingered a little bit too long I said goodbye.

I had a hard time sleeping and was a weird mixture of excited and upset. The next day he came by for breakfast and apologized. After we ate I left for my parents' house and didn't really talk to him for quite a while.

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May 15, 2012
Not too old, but too married for Truth or Dare
by: Francis

Don't go flashing your chest to other guys when you are married. Seriously, you only got away so easily because he was a whimp.

Would he have been a real "predator", you would have been toast and have regretted it.

You don't grow out of a timeless game like Truth or Dare.

You only have to know your limits. And stick to them.

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