Three Cool Adult Pool Party Drinking Games

Ready for a pool drinking game?

Ready for a pool drinking game?

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Here are three wonderful games to play for adults in a pool party. All three of these games work will with alcohol because it will enhance the fun, and lighten people up a bit.


The first is Chicken. The most common version of this game is to have the guys stand in the shallow area, and the girls sit on the guys' shoulders. To do this, have the guy's squat down into the water, and the girls climb onto their back, holding on with their legs.

[Adult Pool Party games Chicken Fight
Chicken Fight
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After this, the goal is to knock the other girl off of the back of the other player. It really is quite fun and hilarious if alcohol is involved. An easier game involves a foam basketball or football and a baby floatation device.

Set up the baby floatation device in the corner of the pool. Stand about 50 ft from the floatation device, and let each player take turns throwing the ball into the floatation device. It usually takes 3-4 tries to get it to stay in.

Everyone who misses takes a shot, or a drink of beer. This can also be flipped around, and those who make it in the baby floatation device can take a shot. Last, wonderful things can occur with a bottle of Southern Comfort Lime.

[Adult Pool Party games A Foam Ball
A Foam Ball
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For whatever reason, a half full bottle of Southern Comfort Lime floats in pools. Have each player stand around the various parts of the pool, and when the Southern Comfort Lime approaches them, they must "take a shot".

After this, have them push the bottle to the next person they want to consume the next shot. Proceed with caution on this one, as it is possible to get very intoxicated if the bottle approaches you many times.

Also, if you want to play this alcohol free, just get a bottle of Southern Comfort Lime and fill it with Mountain Dew.

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Jun 11, 2014
Chick not Chicken
by: Neo

Chicken fight is really fun, but it’s not about chicken—it’s all about chick fighting, pulling hair and slapping. And the boys get to drink a lot of water instead of alcohol. See? It’s fun... and a little bit brutal.

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