They Call Him Nicki Minaj

by Kelly

Recently, one of my friends, Albert was playing a full on basketball game with our other friends in the morning. Everything was going fine when all of a sudden there was a RIPP. Everyone's head whipped towards the sound and there was Albert, with a hole in the butt of his pants where you could see a part of his boxers and a part of his leg.

Then, not long after, the bell rang and we went to class with him trying to cover his butt and sprinting. We all couldn't help laughing and teasing him, but unfortunately, he wasn't one of those people who easily got embarrassed, which just made it even better.

In class, I had a seat next to Albert so the people around us weren't really paying attention to the lesson and were daring each other to do random, harmless things. After a couple of lame dares, Albert got dared to stand up in the middle of class to sharpen his pencil and to wiggle his butt.

Willingly, Albert did so and the entire class doubled over in their chairs, laughing. Long behold, our teacher was staring at the now-bigger hole in the butt of Albert's pants in horror.

Our teacher was one of those who didn't interrupt class for anything so she just told him to return to his seat and to change into his p.e. shorts after class.

As the lesson went on, we kept messing around and randomly, Albert said, "Look at my butt, it's a work of art, that's why they call me Nicki Minaj." After that comment, he then proceeded to rap to different Nicki Minaj songs, and might I add, very well.

His antics caused me and my classmates to double over in laughter and it was hard to keep it down as our teacher tried to teach. Throughout the rest of the period, he kept asking if the hole was really that big and his answer was finally satisfied when one of my classmates took a picture for him on her camera and showed it to him.

His eyes got wide and he asked me to change my shorts for his jeans, but of course I didn't. From those moments on, he decided to wear the hole proudly. He embraced the hole instead of being embarrassed by it, so I guess if you get a hole in your pants... just show it off?

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May 02, 2014
Love it
by: Francis

Love the attitude of your friend, love the story, and most of all... LOVE the hole in the pants :D

This story made my day, thanks for taking the time to write and share it!

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