The Worst Thing I Ever Did....

So when I was 14 yrs old, I invited over another guy and asked him if he wanted to play truth or dare. To my surprise... he said yes.

Then he pulled out his iPod and we played off of his iPod, cuz he was terrible at making up dares.


I was so embarrassed that my palms started sweating when I pulled off my clothes.

The other guy stopped me and then... He started taking off his clothes too.

I just stood there and watched him.

Then when he noticed that I was still wearing all of my clothes, he pulled them off for me.

He handed me an old sheet to cover with and took one for himself.

Needless to say, we kept getting dares like that and more... like making out with each other, I think we both "enjoyed" ourselves.

Good thing we played a short game instead of the long one.

I'm 18 now and I still think of that day and I smile.

The worst thing I ever did was kiss another guy while I was naked.

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Feb 01, 2013
It is Clear that You Have Mixed Feelings About This Dare Game
by: Francis

Dear Anonymous male dare player,

Thanks for sending us this story. To me it sounds embarrassing indeed.

However, don’t say you didn't saw this coming?

Come on! What does it mean if you play Truth or Dare with someone?

Either someone will get naked or someone will kiss someone else.

Those are such classic dares, but I agree that those Truth or Dare apps on iPod and other devices often are a little bit too hardcore, especially at the beginning.

But for the next time you play and if you feel uncomfortable with a dare, never be shy to say ‘No’ to a dare.

Actually I wrote a post about this and if you really like it, don’t be shy to admit that you enjoyed the experience.

Perhaps there are more experiences like these to come :)

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