The Shower Incident

When I was about 12, I was a cocky little spitfire who would not under any circumstances turn down a dare.

My biggest fear was to be thought a chicken, so I did many things that absolutely terrified me. This was not lost on my friends and family.

While my family often used it to their advantage in getting me to eat some horrendous vegetables, my friends were more interested in the entertainment factor that I could provide.

I got dared into doing everything from singing and dancing to roller coasters. I was even once dared to hug a clown, which will still haunt my nightmares.

Slumber parties were where the most creative dares came because, not one to ever choose truth, I was suckered into a great many different tasks.

One time, during a sleepover, we were watching American Psycho, and my friends were inspired by it, so I was dared to hide in the bathroom, lying in wait for a victim to scare.

Unfortunately, I fell asleep in the bathtub and didn’t wake up until my friend’s dad started to get ready for work the next morning. He turned on the shower and immediately began to go to the bathroom while the water heated up.

"Mr. Logan? I’m in here!" I said, trying my best to sound normal, despite having been woken up to water.



He was shocked. I don’t know who was more embarrassed him or me, but in my small town – there were only about 20,000 people living in Braintree at the time – I know I was the one getting teased at any and all community events.

For some reason it was never suggested that I hide in wait at another slumber party again. Personally, I think they were all jealous of my incredible hiding skills.

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