The Perfect High School Truth or Dare

An embarrassing naked dare story

An embarrassing naked dare story

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The best times occurred in high school when we were living young and dumb up in Wisconsin. Mike and I were freshmen in school when we experienced our first encounter of truth and dare. We were invited by a girl Stacie that we went to grade school together.

Mike and I thought it was going to be our first make out party, but very quickly we found the situation much worse. As we arrived we realized that it was mostly upperclassmen that were at the party and no parents were around.

Mike and I felt our chances were great to get with an "older" girl, but just when we got our hopes up Stacie asked if we would play a game. As we gathered around the living room, Stacie stated that they like to start the night with a game of truth or dare. As we went around it was dumb questions of truth, but then it came to Mike.

Mike was nervous of an embarrassing question of his love life and how it doesn't exist. So Mike went with dare and shortly after we were in the woods tied to a tree covered in syrup. The seniors got Stacie to invite us over, but had intentions of hazing us.

As we loosened the knots of rope and started our five mile walk him, the police saw us walking almost nude and decided to give us a ride back home to our parents. Mike and I after that event never talked again. A failed Dare but truth that I will never let down.

I called Mike a couple of years ago to check how things are, and we mentioned the story that tore our friendship apart. Truth and Dare is a game I wouldn't recommend to highschoolers to fool around with and at first hand Mike and I would have never gone to that party if we knew what was in store for us.

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