The Holidays

by David
(Brisbane )

On one very warm summer day, I and a few of my friends decided to go to the beach and do some rock jumps and just cool off. There was 5 of us in total (all boys), when we arrived we decided to go straight to the rock pool.

After swimming around a bit, we decided to play truth or dare. It started off easy, but then we decided to dares only, so I got to ask my mate John and I said I dare you to jump that rock jump completely naked, then he responded I’ll do it on 1 condition, you have to go first.

So I agreed, John and I walked over to the rocks taking out pants and undies off and throwing them back to the group and then we jumped in and we looked back to find out bags, pants and then others were gone.

There was only one way out of the rock pool and it by stairs that lead up to a footpath (being that it was a weekend it was very crowded), so I and John were stuck there swimming in a very crowded place bare naked.

Getting out of the water isn’t easy, you have to wait for a wave to come so you can get swept on to the rock. Our friends were long gone by this point, so we waited for a wave and when one finally came around we both used it to get on the rock.

Not knowing how powerful it was, it completely swept us over many rocks and into the actual rock pool, so we just had to accept there was no way out, so we got out of the water trying very hard to cover up and we ran up up the stairs, down the footpath, across the grass to find that the others had cameras out filming us and on top of that the other boys invited my crush and all of her friends to come to see us.

When we finally got to our friends we demanded they give us our clothes and so it turns out they got swept off the rocks and they couldn’t grab them in time so they got swept out to sea. So two 14-year-old boys had to spend the rest of the day naked in a public area.

After a while we kinda got used to it so we went down to the main beach and had a swim, the locals didn’t care one bit and it also helped that we weren’t the only ones naked. After we finished up we saw the time, it was 2:30 pm and I see a text from my mum saying “sorry mate, but I’m very busy so you and John will have to get the bus home”, my heart sank so we unwillingly walked to the bus stop and sat there for a while and when the bus arrived we explained that we were dared to jump a rock naked and our clothes got swept by a wave, the bus driver very angrily said “GET ON” so we did (god it was a long ride home) and we arrived at my house.

We knocked on the door and my 9-year-old sister answered it and before we could walk in she slammed it and ran so we were stuck outside of my house naked.

I am 16 now and my friends remind me of it every day. But at least the pictures didn’t spread.

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