The Funniest Truth or Dare Game I Have Ever Played

by Aliree Paul
(Owatonna, Minnesota USA)

A Memorable Naked Dare Story

A Memorable Naked Dare Story

(Photo from CatherineSherer)

I was playing Truth or Dare with two of cousins Travis and Jesse, my boyfriend at the time Scott and Two of my best friends, Amanda and Tammy from school. We were all in 7th grade. We were playing at my grandma's trailer, but she was at work and we had no parents or authority figures there to watch us.

The game started out like most childish versions of Truth or Dare. We would dare someone to make a prank phone call or make them tell us who they had a crush on. My friends were more into the game and were repeatedly pushing the limits of the dares.

About 30 minutes into the game one of my friends Amanda made a dare to one of my cousin Jesse to strip naked and run around my grandmother's trailer three times. Now mind you this is around 10:30 in the morning and my grandma lives in a very busy trailer park for old people.

If Amanda had dared anyone else in the group they probably would have refused, but my cousin Jesse was a pretty wild kid. He immediately said yes and jumped up to strip down. We were all giggling uncontrollably as we walked to the front door to follow him outside and watch him run around the trailer.

By the time he got to the front door he was completely naked except for his socks which we all agreed he could leave on while running. When my cousin Jesse opened the door to go outside there was my grandma standing at the front door. Unknown to us she had decided to take an early day so she could take us to the pool.

She immediately started yelling at my cousin to put his clothes back on and my cousin was turning a dark dark shade of red from embarrassment. Me and my friends couldn't stop laughing which made him even more embarrassed. To this day my grandma still refers to my cousin Jesse as "Pee-Wee"

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Jun 09, 2014
Summer Camp Cabin
by: Anonymous

When I was at a camp, I shared at cabin with eight other boys. On the last night of the six day camp, we decided to play truth or dare.

In brief, I ended up running 50 yards to the shower house, naked, and back.

Mar 08, 2012
Lol. Nice story.
by: Paul

I had to streak on a dare. Except around the block.
Seven people saw me. Luckily not family.

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