The Enema Wizard

by Sprinterboi

Sprinterboi's dare story background

Sprinterboi's dare story background

This story needs a little additional background. About a third of each house lived in the house; the rest were commuter students. We drank a lot, but discouraged driving under the influence. Therefore, the commuter students each carried a sleeping bag in his or her car and, if he or she got drunk at one of our houses, we encouraged him or her to set up the sleeping bag in a common area of one of the houses and sleep it off there, rather than drive home impaired.

Generally, guys would stay in the meeting room of my frat house and girls would stay in the party room of the sorority house next door. Once in a while, one of the girls would get so drunk at our frat house that she would sleep in our meeting room rather than try to walk next door. When we had a lot of impaired guests sleeping in our meeting room, those of us who were halfway sober would take shifts sitting up with them all night to assist anyone who needed it.

A month or two prior to this story, I had been sitting up with one sorority girl and four frat boys who were sleeping in the meeting room. The girl became very ill and vomitted all over her clothes, so I took care of her and sent one of the boys next door to get some help and clean clothes from her sorority sisters. Two of her sisters came over and, together, we took good care of the sick girl and got her into clean clothes.

One of the girls suggested that the sick girl needed an enema, but they did not know how to do it. I had read how, but I had never given or received one at that time. I offered to try, if the two girls would help me and if the sick girl agreed to it. Well, we managed to give the sick girl an enema and then get her back to sleep. Word got around my fraternity and the sorority next door what had happened and I became known as the enema wizard, even though my actual experience was limitted to that one event.

Now, our bucket of truths and dares was kept in plain sight in the meeting room in my frat house. We could all add new truth or dare cards to it freely. I don't know who added the card that comes up first in this story, but I was very grateful they did.

One Friday night, about a dozen of us were playing T-or-D. Several of us had lost some items of clothing to dares, but not enough to make it exciting. Then Stephanie pulled a card that read as follows:

"You must convince someone in the room, of your choice, to give you an enema while the whole group watches. You must do whatever that person tells you until your evacuation is complete and your backside is wiped. That person may select additional helpers to assist if he or she so chooses."

Stephanie was not the prettiest girl in the world, and she was a little overweight, but she was cute, about a year younger than me, and very sweet and pleasant. She looked distressed as she read the card, and then came right to the enema wizard. She was obviously scared and embarrassed as she asked me to give her an enema. I responded that I would and directed her to go into the bathroom, remove all her clothes, and wait in the shower/tub for further instructions. She walked to the bathroom, apparently terrified.

I asked Jean, the girl who had been most helpful the only other time I had given someone an enema, to get the enema bag from her sorority house (we didn't have one in the frat house), mix a solution in our frat house kitchen as I directed her, and bring it to me in the bathroom. I asked Suzie to get a couple of quarts of water up to exactly 100 degrees F in the kitchen for Jean to use. They both left to do as I had asked and I told the rest of the group, "Now I need to find latex gloves and a jar of Vaseline." We found them and all headed into the bathroom.

Stephanie was in the shower/tub with the curtain drawn. All her clothes were on a counter. It was crowded as we all filed into the bathroom. I looked through her clothes to make sure everything was there, and then I knew she was naked in the tub. I called in to Stephaine, "Now I need for you to get down on all fours in the tub so I can lubricate you. I'll be opening the curtain in about a minute."

Her movements were audible as she complied and I put on the latex gloves. I put some vaseline onto the middle finger of my right hand as I pulled open the curtain with my left. Stephanie was on her hands and knees and looked up sheepishly at me and the whole group.

I won't go into detail to try to avoid language inappropriate for this board, but I warned Stephanie of what I had to do and then lubricated her. Jean came in with the filled enema bag. I warned Stephanie and inserted the nozzle. Then I explained the whole procedure to Stephanie and got her reluctant approval to begin.

I had her lay on her back so that I could massage her belly while the enema went in.

The whole group watched intently.

Poor Stephanie seemed terrified and was shiverring the whole time, but she followed instructions well. Everything went well and, after just about a third of the solution was in, Stephanie got a look of shock on her face and announced that she had to get to the toilet immediately.

I stopped the flow, walked with her to the toilet, and withdrew the nozzle. She immediately sat down and evacuated. The whole room watched and listened and Stephanie was obviously mortified. I felt sorry for Stephanie and wanted to make it a little easier for her, so, after she had pretty well stopped making noise, I said to the group as I pulled off the latex gloves, "Enema was a success. Why don't we return to the meeting room and let Stephanie wipe herself and get dressed. Jean and Suzie, can you help me clean things up in the kitchen?"

Everyone filed out of the bathroom, Jean, Suzie, and I spent a couple of minutes in the kitchen cleaning things up, and then we got back to the group about the same time Stephanie did.

Stephanie was thoroughly embarrassed and, at first, couldn't look at or talk to anyone. We resumed our game, however, and she got a lot more comfortable as she saw each of us get embarrassed with other dares.

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Mar 20, 2012
*_* And I thought I was playing with hardcore dares...
by: Francis

How wrong I was. Sprinterboi, your story - once again - took my socks off.

This has to be one of the most extremely embarrassing stories I have read ever.

Thanks for submitting this story, for going into detail, and most of all, for staying "clean" when talking about the dare. I am sure everyone can fill in the dirty little details using their imagination.

To be honest, I was hesitant if I wanted to go into this direction with dare stories. Normally, I'll shy away from stuff that happens and stays in the bathroom.

But you took the time to work on such a great story, and it stays relatively "medical" and--- well, "clean" --- that I wanted to publish it nonetheless.

Dear visitors - now it's your turn! Leave a comment, and rate this story!

Great stuff!

Mar 20, 2012
Thanks, Francis
by: Sprinterboi

I really appreciate your positive feedback. It inspires me to want to submit more stories. I never put them on paper (or a hard drive) before and am happy that they are appreciated. You already have a few of my best, but I was in this frat for nearly 4 years and have a lot of great memories of it.

Feb 07, 2018
Glad I never went to college
by: Cudaj2

Uh, how many times am I going to read about juvenile sex in college. What a waste of time. By the time I was 19 I was in Los Angeles doing porn and getting paid well for it.

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