The Dumbest Dare I Managed to Do While Being Caught By My Mom

by Greg
(Rochester, NY)

(Photo from Lara604)

This is a true story that actually happened to me. As far as I can remember it was the summer of 1993, when I was 8 years old. It takes place in a suburb of Rochester, NY called Fairport. A Half Naked Run Around like many young kids did, several friends and I had a sleep over where we played Truth or Dare.

Usually if there were girls involved it was more fun, however tonight it was just my best friend Tom and I. Since there were no girls to dare to take their clothes off (as typical boys dare girls to do) we ended up mostly telling truths.

Tom got really tired of telling nothing but truths and wanted me to dare him to do something. I couldn’t really think of anything to ask him to do, so I just blurted out:

“go run around the house in nothing but your underwear.”

He accepted the dare, even though I told him I was only kidding and that it probably wasn’t a good idea.

The idea must have given him an adrenaline rush or something because he was totally determined to do it. Now when I said “around the house” I meant around the inside, however he thought I meant the outside, and proceeded to take off everything but his underwear and head for the front door.

I remained in the basement, hoping that in the dark of the night, his parents would be asleep and nobody would catch him. Boy was I wrong. After waiting what seemed about 5 minutes, he finally came running back down the basement stairs, only he wasn’t alone.

Coming down the stairs a second or so behind him was his mom who was furious. To this day, almost 17 years later I can still remember exactly what she said to him. She yelled out “Tom that was the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen you do! What would posses you to be so stupid?”

He tried to explain that it was a dare, to which I quickly added that I was joking, and didn’t mean to actually go outside in the night and run around the house like a dog, half naked. Needless to say, that was the end of the game for the night. We had our fun, but were kind of scared that Tom’s mom would be spying on us the rest of the night and went to sleep.

I can only imagine how embarrassing that must have been for Tom. To have your mother catch you running around the house in your underwear at 1 in the morning is not the point of the game. It didn’t stop us from playing the game again at other sleepovers, but both Tom and I will never forget that one night when he got caught with his pants down, quite literally.

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