The Double Dog Dare to end all Dares

by Johnny

One day in West Palm Beach, Florida during the summer times, my friends Paul, James, Jennifer, Robert, Melissa, and I (Johnny) were extremely bored. Well Paul said: "Hey let's play Truth or Dare!" Everyone was not really interested in the game, but gave in eventually and proceeded to play.

Well I think this was a set up by Paul because I was the only one who knew he had a secret crush on Jennifer. So naturally truth or dare will open up some amazing doors if you ask the right questions.

Well anyway since I knew that Paul had a secret crush on Jennifer, I whispered to James and said: "Hey dare Jennifer to make out with me." Well James caught on to what I was doing and he dared Jennifer to make out with me.

Jennifer and I made out for about two minutes which made Paul irate. Jenifer and I had been friends forever and had no feelings for each other so the make out did not really mean anything. Well it was Paul's turn now and he looked me square in the eyes and said: "I dare you to make fun of the dog next door and stand there for one whole minute."

Knowing that I never back-down from a challenge I agreed. Now the dog next door was a 250 pound Rottweiler named "Playboy." Playboy was the biggest and ferocious dog in the neighborhood. No one ever crossed him.

Well I know that Playboy was tied up proceeded to make fun of the dog and make him mad. But what Paul failed to tell me that Playboy's leash was not tied and that he was loose! So I went over and Paul was laughing.

Initially I ignored him, but wish I had not. Well I was making fun of the dog and saw the dog running at me. I looked and noticed that his chain was broken and he was now coming at me full stride! No time to run to the gate, the only choice I had was to jump the fence.

Well as I got over the gate I thought I was safe. So I thought...! All of my body made it over, but one foot and I realized why it did not make it over. It was because Playboy had my foot in his mouth with the rest of my body dangling on the other side upside down. When he finally let me go I was relieved, until I saw it has urinated all over me and all my friends were hysterically laughing!

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Jan 03, 2012
Sounds Dangerous
by: Bill

How big was that dog anyway if he was chained by a chain?

If he pissed all over you and he is a big dog that bit your feet, you really don't have any problems.

Feb 14, 2012
not that big
by: Anonymous

It was a good story except for the fact that a rot. could not get that big. I raised St. Bernards and I know the weight of big dogs, but to have rot get that big ruined the story.

Feb 15, 2012
Thanks for the comment
by: Francis

I would never have noticed that detail about the dog since I don't own one. The only dogs I know of are smaller than my knee ;)

Perhaps the person who told the story was really little...?

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