The Creative Ketchup Tampon Prank Dare

(Photo from me and the sysop)

There was this one time when some friends dared me and another friend to play a joke on a mutual friend of ours. It was quite gross but my partner in crime and I agreed to it.

So, we set off to the local gas station to get some ketchup. Then, we proceeded to head over to our friend’s apartment for the prank.

I was driving along and began to turn on my friend’s street when I saw a cop car. They had someone pulled over.

Now, the prank we were going to do would most definitely get us in trouble with the cops and my partner and I were both over 18. So, I was like oh crap and started to get all nervous.

I’ve never been the trouble maker before, which is why this dare would be so funny.

Anyways, I drove past our friend’s apartment because we couldn’t obviously do it at that time. I looped around the area and by the time we got back to the apartment the cop was gone.

So my partner and I get out of the car and I pull out a tampon from my purse. My partner pulls out the ketchup we got earlier and starts squirting it on the pad.

Being such a goodie goodie I was freaking out a bit at this point. Paranoid the cop was gonna swing around but he didn’t thankfully.

So my partner finished and I got the car ready and she ran up to my friends door and stuck the pad onto her door.

We took off and were laughing like crazy. I turned the car in the direction of home. My partner and I are stopped at a light when a cop pulls up behind us.

I started freaking out again. I’m like, oh no he saw us- were in trouble. But as far as I know, he didn’t. But I think it was the same cop that saw us before when we turned onto our friend’s street.

Probably thought we were up to no good and was right. Anyways, so I’m driving us home and that cop followed us a LONG while. I was so paranoid and nervous.

But, the best part of the story was my friend that we played the prank on didn’t get home that evening but the next afternoon.

That means the tampon was on her door a LONG time.

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