The Crazy College Night and Triple Dog

by Mimi Jackson
(From Los Angeles CA, )

(Photo from Jacrews7 via flickr)

It was the first year of college and my roommate Chrissie and I decided to have a very small party. We got a bunch of beer and invited about seven other people. Since we were the unnoticed, we didn't have very many friends.

Any ways we were drinking and joking around until. I suggest we play a little game called triple dog. It is just like truth or dare, but there is no truth. The goal is to start out on something easy go around the circle and when it gets back to the first person it gets harder and if someone doesn't do it, then they have to leave the game and no one wants to be the chicken so that rarely ever happens.

So we sat in a circle and I started of the round I told Chrissie to go and lick the ground. She licked the ground it went easy no one left the game it went from drink a whole bottle of ketchup to make out with this chick.

Then we had all made it to round 12 we needed to kick it up a notch so Chrissie went first she dared her boyfriend Roderick to ask the librarian if she would marry him and to say that he loved her. At first we thought this wouldn't be that hard, but when we got to the library and saw how many people were there for a meeting they were having we knew the game had just gotten serious.

The librarian actually started crying. But of course she said no it was hilarious because she actually believed she was being proposed too. The next round he got asked to go and make out with the librarian, but he denied and got out we lasted till round 27 when it was just me and Chrissie, and I was dared to get in a cold towel and get in the shower go into are day watches dorm room and say that I was locked out of my dorm and accidently drop the towel.

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