The Craziest Dare Night

The craziest game of truth or dare I ever played was once in college at a party with my friends, most of which I was related to as cousins. We had a small group of about 15 friends that hung out every single weekend and drank alcohol on the weekends, usually every Saturday night.

We always just sat around and drank and laughed, and had a good time. One night we got a little drunk and decided to play truth or dare. It turned out to be a lot more fun than we expected and embarrassing for some.

truth or dare stories girl kissing another girl
(Photo from Vince Viloria via flickr)
Some of the more outrageous things people had to do for dares were guys kissing guys and girls kissing girls. Not only was I dared to kiss another woman but I was related to one!

The guys we hung out with were very "macho" type guys so making them kiss each other was hilarious. I will never forget that.

Also some people had to streak naked...and stuff like that.

  • My best friend was dared to pee on the road and she actually did it! It was disgusting. I cannot believe she did it.

  • There were no "truths" that even compared to the amount of dares that everyone kept eagerly performing, no matter how ridiculous or outrageous.
  • Another dare was to knock on the neighbors door with absolutely no clothes on completely naked. Someone actually did it but luckily for them it was after 3am so nobody was awake at the house to answer the door.
  • My best friend also had to walk through the drive through at like Taco Bell (she had to walk because we didn't drink and drive) without a shirt on.
  • And she also had to walk into the 24 hour convenience store and flash the person at the counter. She wore a trench coat and nothing underneath it but maybe panties and had to open it after she bought a piece of gum.
It was hilarious and I can't believe she did it now.

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Mar 25, 2012
pretty indecent
by: Anonymous

from how close were the others from the party watching when the girl peed on the street?

If someone asks you could always say it was a dog lol

Jun 05, 2014
Crazy Dares
by: Daenerys

Wow! You all had a cool and crazy night. That's how you live life--living it to the fullest while you are still young!

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