Padded Bra – So embarrassing!

by Amy
(Chicago, IL, USA )

A guy taking off a girl's bra

A guy taking off a girl's bra

I was 14 and playing Truth or Dare at camp with some kids my age. The counselors weren't watching us, and someone was sneaking around a bottle of vodka, so it got pretty wild. Then it got to be my turn. I was shy and wanted to fit in, so I decided to prove how gutsy I was by picking, "Dare."

One of the boys dared me to take off my bra, without taking off my shirt, while hopping on one foot. I knew I could do it (I'd changed out of my bra before without taking my shirt off) so I started hopping and gamely removed it.

Then as I was about to throw it down dramatically, I realized - "Oh no, this is one of my padded bras." I didn't actually like wearing padded bras. Since in my mind it just enhanced the fact that there was nothing to enhance, but my mother had bought me about a dozen.

Apparently one had made its way into my clothes for camp, and I'd missed it when I was putting my clothes on half-asleep. (Why do camps wake people up at dawn, anyway?) As I took it off I flung it behind one of the couches, but someone spotted the pads as it flew past them and dug it out.

I was mortified. But, the good news was that after living through the hazing and not actually dying, I ended up being a little less shy and ended up feeling strangely close to the other kids. I was asked out by one of the boys from my group, who became my "camp boyfriend," and that also helped me get over the embarrassment.

I went back to that camp for the next three years and became pretty good friends with them all, even the guy who pulled my bra from behind the couch.

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Jan 31, 2012
Nice Idea
by: DareDevil

Really nice idea for the bra opening dare without taking off their shirts.

What could be a good similar idea for guys? You cannot steal their boxers ;)

I think a good dare for guys is taking off some girl's bra with only one hand!

What do you say?

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Operation Switcheroo

by Tina
(USA, San Diego, CA)

Dare for Girls: Exchange their bra with another player

Dare for Girls: Exchange their bra with another player

(Photo from myvirtuallady)

Back in my junior year of high school, my school was putting on the annual fall musical. It is tradition before the first show begins that the stage technicians get together and play some kind of game. Well, this year we decided to play a game of truth or dare.

It first started out with little dares, like I dare you to kiss Mark in front of the gang. But stakes got higher. A friend of mine, her turn came up and she dared me and Trish to exchange bras out in the parking lot. Mind you, this was opening night and plenty of people were going in and out of theatre.

Trish and I couldn't resist the dare, so we did it. We went outside, under the cloak of street light, and exchanged our bras in public. A few of the actors got a free show, and some elderly men, but Operation Switcheroo was successful nonetheless.

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Jul 05, 2019
by: Anonymous

Sexy I guess not enough details though

Jun 08, 2020
Cool story broI
by: Richard

I think removing a girl's bra is just as much fun as pulling down her panties. If she has small tits that is even better.
Just call me a satyr but nothing is as beautiful and captivating as the naked female body: tits and pussy.
That is why the Soviets used swallows to such good effect.

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