Truth or Dare with a Stripper

by Bob

(Photo from Exey Panteleev)

About 20 years ago I went to a strip club in St. Louis, MO. After partying hard with a stripper for a few hours, we decided to play truth or dare. I tried to think of an embarrassing dare for her to do which would not get her into trouble.

The dare I came up with was she had to go around the room asking all the guys if they could spare a condom. Her story that she had to use was she was going to be practicing to be in a porno that night and needed about 10 condoms. Needless to say, she ended up with about 30 of them and about 20 guys asking if they can help out.

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A prank plotted for me at a stripping club.

by Fallon

Dancing at a Strip Club

Dancing at a Strip Club

(Photo from Clinton Steeds)

About five years ago I was in the military and stationed in South Korea. I worked in a very stressful environment with several guys of whom I'd known for many years.

These soldiers were hard core death dealers and took their jobs very seriously. On the other hand, these guys were the absolutely funniest and most daring people on the face of the earth.

I thought I had seen and participated in every practical joke known to mankind. Unfortunately these guys had a well-thought out and ingenious practical joke planned for the upcoming weekend. One Monday we received a fresh recruit named Nate. Nate was very serious and almost never cracked a smile or told a joke.

We were all sure that there is no way that Nate would fit in easily with this crew. All week long we went about our daily routine and quickly brought Nate up to speed on our procedures and field tactics. Throughout the week Nate's personality never changed from its stone cold serious state.

Once the weekend rolled around the crew decided to take new guy Nate out to a local strip club. We decided to take Nate to the one club in the area that was actually declared off limits to military personnel. These clubs had a bad reputation for trouble as the evening went along.

On this night the strippers did their normal routine with one added bonus. There was a part in the show were two volunteers from the audience were brought on stage and tied to a chair, while not wearing pants. I dared new guy Nate to go on stage and he responded by agreeing to go up only if I would as well.

I reluctantly sat without pants on stage in a wooden chair next to Nate as we were both then blindfolded. As the music blasted I could feel a dancer spreading my legs and tickling my privates with a feather until I was fully aroused.

All of a sudden the blindfold came off and to my surprise the dancer was a big burly bartender with a handlebar mustache and one arm! As I looked to my left Nate was gone! Little did I know, this prank was planned on me several months before new guy Nate had even arrived in the country!

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Feb 07, 2012
Man, that's just wrong :D
by: Francis

Gave me a good chuckle here. I'm glad I just have to read it as a story. If it would have happened to me for real - oh my God...!

Dec 17, 2011
by: Eddy

They totally got you! Hilarious prank!!

Will totally do that to my best friend on his bachelor's party!!

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