Story: When Truth or Dare Gets Weird

by Dave
(Lewisburg, PA)

(Photo from zzzack)

My name is Dave and there were my friends Jim, Jake, and Kristine and me. We were staying over at Jim's house for his birthday party. We were staying in a tent. It was a cool one; big, roomy, and actually surprisingly comfy for something that forced you to essentially sleep on the ground.

The night was young and we were in his backyard—we lived in Lewisburg, PA—sitting in the tent and wondering what to do. We debated going around town and "painting it red," like switching around sign letters and just being dickish teenagers that caused trouble, but that got voted down pretty quick by Kristine, who did not have good walking shoes.

So we really had to stay in the area. It was Kristine who suggested that we go ahead and play Truth or Dare. We shrugged and gave a collective, "Why not?" The first round was Kristine daring Jim to eat a chip we had dropped on the floor of the tent about five hours before.

Jim did that with no hesitation, and we laughed a bit. Then he dared Kristine to walk barefoot in the yard for about 50 feet, which doesn't sound like much, but Jim's yard is notorious for having snails everywhere.

They're gross, and they do hurt when you step on them.

She went ahead and accepted the dare, but there were no snails to be found, which was pretty disappointing.

After a few more rounds of this level of stuff, Jake dared Kristine to lick my belly button.

Of course, this prompted immediate wonderings of, "Why would that even cross your mind as a dare?" But Jake just said, hey this is the game, do it or don't.

Slowly, Kristine approached.

My belly button is pretty deep; my lips pulled back in a grimace as she got up to me and then stuck her tongue in.

What a weird feeling. We stopped playing after that.

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May 26, 2012
cute and innocent
by: Francis

That was pretty harmless, but still cute :)

If it was me - even in younger years - I would probably have dared someone to EAT a snail. And the belly button dare might only have been the beginning ;)

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