I was Dared By My Crush

Who would not accept a dare from a cute girl?

Who would not accept a dare from a cute girl?

(Photo from Ke Wynn)

Hotshot takes a fall. It was some random night at a random party when I was a senior in high school. A few of my friends and I decided to go to a party at this guy's house. We didn't know him, but we knew a few of the people who were going.

The house was located in the nice area of our town, so it was a pretty house with a nice pool. Anyway, the party started off kind of slow; I mean there was music playing and plenty of food and people walking around talking to each other.

Truth or Dare Stories Pushing in Water
Pushing Each Other in Water
(Photo from technicolor76)
It wasn't boring or anything, it just wasn't very lively. Well, eventually someone girl suggested we play some fun games. Someone suggested we play tag, but whoever got tagged go thrown in the pool.

Some random guy threw this other guy into the pool, but the guy pulled him in with him.

Everyone laughed and then some girl yelled, "Let's play Truth or Dare. I know we're not in middle school, but we'll make it interesting."

A few people agreed to play so we all sat by the pool to play. Well, being the person I am, I bragged, "I'll definitely win. There ain't nothing I won't do."

Well eventually it was my crush asked me to pick truth or dare, I picked dare. My crush responded, "Well since you're such a big shot. I dare you to streak around the pool then jump in.

Truth or Dare Stories Playing TODPlaying Truth or Dare at Pool
(Photo from rocketvox)
"My face froze and I felt it turned red. How was I going to do that in front of my crush? I didn't want to back out so I did it. I stripped naked and ran around the pool with my hands in the air.

Being the klutz that I am, I tripped. Fortunately, I caught myself before I did and landed in the pool. People were laughing and laughing.

Hopefully, it was with me and not at me.

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The Dare of my Dreams

by Christine
(America Oh .)

I was in eighth grade when this happened. I was at a friends birthday party when we all decided to play truth and dare. My crush was there , but the bad thing was my friend Melissa liked him too. His name was Nathan, and he was completely gorgeous. He was tall, tan, muscular and he had brown hair and blue eyes. Practically all the girls liked him.

Anyways my other friend Jane knew I liked him and she hated Melissa, because Melissa talked crap about her, so she dared Nathan to go in the closet with me for ten minutes. So we went in the closet I saw Melissa face - it was hilarious. So the first few minutes went by .

When he put a piece of my hair behind my ear and rested his hand on my shoulder, I could not believe what was happening, he leaned on and started kissing me. We kissed until time was up...

My face was all red when we stepped out and Melissa's was too.

Good for you, sounds you hit the jackpot! :)

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Can a game of Truth or Dare make him like me?

by Anna

Will girls ever know when boys like them...?

Will girls ever know when boys like them...?

(Photo from 10.6)


I really want to get the attention of this guy I like. He knows how I feel, I think.

My best friend asked him once if he would like to go out with me and he seemed not to mind the idea too much, but he did not give a clear answer. He probably has forgotten all about it.

He often hugs me or picks me up and holds me. Sometimes he just says "Hi". He is really shy sometimes.

My best friend invited both of us to her birthday party and there we all played truth or dare. I got to kiss him three or four times or something but because of the game he also kissed another of my friends twice. I was really jealous, but did not show it.

I was confused if he likes me because everytime he had to do a kissing dare, everyone was like: "Come on! Pick Anna! Yeah, pick her!!"

So when he picked me, I just got more confused. I really don't know what to think about this, since we got close enough to kiss but it was just a game.

Does he like me or not?


Truth or Dare is not really the one solution to get to know someone and to find a boyfriend. But since you are fairly close to him, try to get him when he is alone and talk things out. Else he will be surrounded by his friends who will influence him and his answers.

You don't need to get his attention anymore: he already is hanging out with you! Spend some time with him alone, try to get close to him. I think you have pretty a good chance! :)

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Nov 12, 2011
Don't do it
by: Anonymous


Cause then you're categorized into a silly adventure he had during a game... and most people consider what happens during TOD really just doesn't count.

YOU should let him know how you feel. Talk about it with him. ALONE. And don't put so much pressure on the issue. Just tell him you like him. AND ask him if he feels the same. Maybe you can hang out sometime. Watch a movie or share an activity you BOTH like.

Nov 19, 2011
get him to find you cool
by: Daremaster! (actually webmaster :P)

Dont do dares like kissing him or whatever. But if you're really outgoing and cool and can show that you're not jealous, adventureous or funny: do those dares!

Once we played and there was this one girl. Sort of plain looking but fun. Like the typical she is a friend but not more girl. Then she was dared to belly dance by her best friend.

So she got up and belly danced. I was like drooling all over the place and will never forget it. Way to change my point of view from a girl!

A totally other girl another game night was so prudish that I lost all respect for her as a potentially interesting "mate"...

Your call. Its risky since you'll probably will be embarrassed. But go for it!

Dec 06, 2011
Are you desperate for attention?
by: Jeremiah

Unless you are super-extroverted, don't go there.

Most girls I know are shy. Or have insecurities. Or both. I'm assuming you will have a hard time playing the party-chick to get the attention of a guy - who will then have the wrong expectations from you.

Not advised.

Dec 20, 2011
Kiss through Truth or Dare
by: Jacinta

Although truth or dare games normally will bring a group of people closer however I don’t think it is a good idea to dare kissing each other as you will not get any clear signs from the him. He might be thinking it as only game since he’s kissing others as well.

Jan 31, 2012
How About a Game for only Two People?
by: DareDevil

I am not sure whether he likes you or not but I think you can ask him to play a truth or dare game only with you. Or, you ask some friends for help. They can send both of you to a 7 minutes in heaven closet.

There are a lot of thoughts floating in my mind, you know how a DareDevil can think about it ;)

Feb 17, 2012
Don't forget that guys are shy too!
by: Francis

Guys are shyer than you think. Playing an innocent game of truth or dare (no getting naked or anything) can be THE key for you to get his heart :)

Mar 25, 2012
it may work
by: Anonymous

It may work cause this happened to me me my friend (who knew I liked this person dared them to kiss me on the cheek then he dared her to kiss me on the lips and she was going to but I had to leave but she has been talking to me a lot more. What I'm trying to say is that this sould help him understand how u feel

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The Guy of My Dreams

by Sue

(Photo: Lady Black Queen)

Well it all started when I was in the 9th grade. I was living in Wyandotte, Michigan and we were at my friend Shirley Smith's house.

We had a few boys over and the boy of my dreams was there. So I suggested that we play the fun yet daring game "Truth or Dare" they all said OK.

The reason I wanted to play this game was that Brad Johnston was there, "the Guy of my dreams." So we started playing and it was brads turn and Shirley asked Brad Truth or Dare? Very confidently he said dare.

Shirley knowing that I like Brad, said: "you have to kiss Sue (me)". So then he said sure very quickly as he also wanted to kiss me with the same passion and then we had a hot steamy kiss.

I was out of this world for that moment, flying in clouds and had no tension of any consequences, I got deeply involve in the kiss but the story never moved forward from this point because I had bad breath.

That was the last time I ever talked to him and then next year of school he and his family moved to Fiji...

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Nov 15, 2011
by: Anonymous

Rule 1 of Truth or Dare: Always brush and floss before--or at the very least, have gum. I once dated a guy who chewed a mint gum constantly. Seriously, it was RARE I'd find him without it. Made for a dumb habit, but it also made him one of the best-tasting kissers of my life. So good!

Dec 31, 2011
by: Emily

Hmm, why do you suggest the game in the first place when you already knew that you have a bad breath? Haha. That is completely disaster!

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Bowling Alley Confessions

(Photo: haekaru)

It was almost four o’clock in the morning, we were in seventh grade and it was Friday night. We were all sitting in the bowling alley enjoying free pizza, soda, and games. Our arms were about to fall off from owling so much so we decided to start a new game, a game we had all played before but not for many years!

Hormones were starting to rage and this seemed like it was a great time to play with all of the people we now started to find ourselves becoming attracted to. Truth or dare. It started with me, I am a very outgoing person so I always chose to go first in almost everything I did. I looked at the girl across from me who was my friend and I thought of her as nothing more and said Truth?!

She looked right back at me without missing a beat and said, “Do you like anyone in this room more than a friend?” She already knew the answer to this question. Stephanie Miles was sitting to my right. This of course, was no accident. I had liked her since the day I moved to Colorado.

I shot my friend a look that only she would be able to pick up on as I shouted “Hell yes I do!” trying to come off as if I am not fazed by it at all. The girl next to me had her turn next, and as my nervous energy started to fade, she was asked the exact same question by one of our…more unoriginal classmates.

As she answered I prayed that my name, Tony, rolled off her tongue. It didn’t. She looked around and profoundly yelled “Gross! No way!!” as she turned her nose up in disgust. Either she was a great actress or she really didn’t like any of us.

The next time it came around to me I knew what question was in store. “Truth. Who in this room do you like?” Now I could lie but being the brave soul that I am, I looked directly at Stephanie and said “I like you!”

As soon as the words came out I swallowed so hard I swear it echoed. Stephanie took one look at me...

...and started to laugh harder than anyone I had ever heard laughing.

It crushed me and was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life.

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My First Crush - Date and Dumping

I was 13 at the time. I was at a friend's house sitting in the basement with a couple of other boys and the host's sister. I was sitting next to his sister and we started playing truth or dare.

We did some of the usual questions, you know the ones where you talk about who you have a crush on and so forth.

Then one of my friends dared me to put my arm around my friend's sister for ten minutes.

Then eventually the sister and me were getting dared to kiss each other.

Everything went on innocently. Then I get up to go to the bathroom, I walk out of the bathroom and see that the sister is getting up to leave. She walks behind everybody and is about to walk past me, when impulsively I decided to stop her and kiss her while nobody was watching.

She didn't resist. I don't know why I kissed her, I wasn't attracted to her really. I was just so excited that I was able to kiss a girl! I thought it would take me at least another decade before I'd ever manage to kiss a girl.

That girl ended up developing a crush on me and we 'dated' for a period during the 8th grade. I dated her because she was my only option. The whole thing only lasted about a week until she ended up dumping me.

I didn't know that she had dumped me either, apparently she gave her brother a note that he was supposed to give me, but he didn't.

So I ended up instant messaging her saying 'hey hunny, how's it going?'

To which she responds with 'uhh, you didn't get my note?'

So instead of getting dumped through the note, I got dumped through AOL instant Messager.

I can't tell which form of dumping has more class. Best part is she ends up dating another friend who was there on the night of the truth or dare game.

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Playing Truth Or Dare: Who Do You Like?

(Photo from Helga Weber)

Once upon a time, I was at a party with a few of my friends. We were stuck for activities, so I suggested Truth or Dare. My friend went first and she said,

"Okay, Lily, truth or dare?"

I didn't like doing dares, of course, because I always got the bad ones.

"I guess truth," I said.

"Come on I had a perfect 'truth' for you!" I shrugged.

"Okay fine, who do you like," creative question Rachel! "You know who I like! Jordan Witzigreuter!" Jordan Witzigreuter was the lead singer for The Ready Set...and is also 22.

"No, I mean somebody at school"

"I don't like anyone at school." Rachel rolled her eyes.

"I know you like somebody at school, everyone does!" I shook my head. "Fine then, you lose!"

"Okay, cool!" I sat out for the rest of the game. Later, we were just sitting around and there was a long awkward silence.

"So, Rachel, who do YOU like?"

She rolled her eyes...again. "I'm not going to tell you!"

"But I'll tell you who I like!" I said.

"Oh, please, you don't like anyone!" I didn't want to, but it was just the perfect time to rub it in her face and say, "I told you so!" "Okay, whatever I just said that because I know you won't tell me who you really like!"

"Okay, truth or dare?" I asked.


"Oh, perfect! I dare you to pick truth."

"Lily! Okay fine, truth!"

"Who do you like?" I said.

"I don't like anyone at school!"

"I thought everyone did?" I mocked sarcastically.

"Well I don't...the only person I like is famous."

"Uh-huh, and is that famous person, by any chance Jordan Witzigreuter?" She nodded.

"Yeah, well, I'm going to The Ready Set's concert!!!" her eyes widened. She was jealous because she never got to go to concerts anymore because of her family.

"I hate truth or dare." (I don't know how many words this is so I'll tell you another story) I was playing truth or dare with my brother once and it is impossible to get him to cooperate, so I had to let him ask ALL of the questions. Well, this was before I was obsessed with The Ready Set.

"Who do you like?" he asked me on a "truth." Well, I wasn't going to say this out loud because our friend (who wasn’t playing) was there. So, I whispered my answer into his ear and told him not to repeat it EVER.

After I said the answer, I sat down and heard him say something. Oh, wait what was it? "I knew you had a crush on Mitchel Musso!" I punched him, but instead of getting upset he began to ask questions. Joey didn't care, but Ted sure did.

"How old is he?" "He's ugly!" and a bunch of other stuff like that came out of his mouth. I guess the moral of the story is, NEVER PLAY TRUTH OR DARE!!! Well, maybe sometimes.

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Mar 25, 2012
better play and have a chance to ask your crush out!
by: Anonymous

If you would never play and confess to your friends, how are you going to muster the courage to ask out your crush for real?

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Fun Camping Dares in the Rain

(Photo from AdriaanC)

When I was fifteen, my parents let me go away with my friend Jessica for the first time by ourselves. In July, we went to a campground in New Hampshire, and embarked on an adventure.

We set up camp by ourselves, cooked for ourselves, and made new friends with the many people who were under similar circumstances. When you go camping, though, most of the time is spent doing outdoor activities.

So, imagine how we felt when it poured for one of the two days we were there! It was so upsetting; we literally sat inside our tent for hours upon hours.

We got so bored that we started to play truth or dare. As the game went on, the dares got more and more intense and bold.

I finally got dared to go dance out in the rain. Refusing to do so unless Jessica joined me, we both ran out and made complete fools of ourselves.

People all around started noticing, hearing us screaming and laughing.

It began to draw other people out of their tents, and at one point I slipped and fell into a puddle. Soon enough we all started jumping and sliding around in the muddy puddles!

In my jeans and nice shirt, I was sliding around on my stomach in the muddy, wet grass, along with other kids and young adults.

We got so dirty and grassy that instead of hitting the showers, we all went and jumped in the lake afterwards to rinse off, while still in our clothes! That was a truth or dare game that I will never forget, and it really helped me get in touch with nature.

Also, some of the people I met that day, I am still in touch with years later. You never know what could happen when you decide to be adventurous!

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TOD disaster

by Jessica

I was in the senior year and at a party after homecoming, It was at one of my guy friend's house. I and my friends went together. After a while, my guy friend who owned the house yelled out "whoever wants to play truth or dare, come to the guest bedroom".

My friends convinced me it would be fun, so we went. At first, it was fun, but then they started doing 'harder dares'. It was my turn so I stupidly chose dare.

She dared me to give my crush a lap dance (no one but my close friends knew my crush) but there was the 'catch' ...I had to do it in only my underwear, no bra.

(As if it already wasn't humiliating enough) being slightly drunk and stupid, I took off my pants, then my shirt. I hesitated, then took off my bra. Everyone started cheering as I was trying to cover myself up, and then I walked over to him. Brody, My crush of four years. No one else really had a crush on him, they all said he was too quiet, or shy, or not even that good looking.

I walked up to him, and he looked more than shocked. I sat down on his lap, facing him, and started grinding. I felt his ... 'thing' digging into me. He grabbed my b**bs and played with them. I let out a little moan. Then he did the unthinkable.

He yelled at the people trying to take videos, and looked me in the eyes and asked if I wanted to go somewhere more private. I took him up on his offer, and he carried me to the nearest bedroom where we... you know... obviously had sex. And let me tell you, it was amazing. Then my crush of four years became my boyfriend.

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