Truth or Dare reveals a cheating guy

by Linda Abbott
(New Jersey, USA)

A flirty guy cheated on many girls

A flirty guy cheated on many girls

A game of Truth or Dare kept me from marrying the wrong kind of man and taught me what to really look for in a relationship.

I was seventeen years old and in my first year of college. Several dorm mates and me had gone out drinking and were hanging around late that night when an informal game started up.

At that time, I had a crush on a popular boy, Jason, who had been flirting with me. As the game went on, we all discovered that we had similar encounters with Jason. He had been telling all of us that he never met any other girl like us and he couldn't think about anyone else.

We all thought we were half in love with him. At first, we were hurt and irritated, but it soon became funny. We wondered how Jason ever found any time to study with all this going on.

We also realized that the encounters we thought were romantic and intimate were really just his way to try to keep any of us from spotting him another girl as he made his rounds across the campus.

Some of us had even gotten small gifts from Jason like stuffed animals and tee shirts from the college bookstore.

Once we knew the truth, we wanted to call them and see if he could get a discount for group purchases. It really made me realize how silly I had been to take his compliments seriously.

A few weeks later, I met a fellow student whose quiet qualities I might have overlooked without this experience. We started dating and have now been married for over twenty years.

We even have a son, who is currently attending the same college. It's funny to think that a casual game of Truth or Dare changed my life.

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Daring To Be Dared

by Alyssa

I was playing truth or dare and this really cute guy was there and I was flirting with him.

His name was Leo and we started playing truth or dare.

Samantha dared me to go into the closet with her and her boyfriend. Me with Leo, too.

We went in and she and her boyfriend were making out all of a sudden, and the closet was kinda small so it pushed me towards Leo and in his arms.

In seconds we were kissing, then Kaylee opened the
closet and was like, "O-M-G! Cuuuu-ooottteee!"

I was so embarrassed! Everyone was watching us kiss when she opened it!

But me and Leo are gf and bf now and had some sex.

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Nov 19, 2011
by: Anonymous

Ridiculous. Drinking and daring just don't mix, friends.... idiots.

Nov 26, 2011
by: Anonymous

Nobody said anything about drinking?

Dec 31, 2011
by: Emily

I don’t understand why you have to tell us about having sex with Leo. It should be sweet but I can’t feel it from your story. I wish all the best for the both of you.

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Busted While Flirting with a Guy and Playing Truth or Dare

I was a very shy girl at the age of 14. I had been for a very long time and still am a good bit shy today. On this particular occasion I had been at a friend’s house staying the night.

It wasn't just any night, he was there. Much taller and only a tad older than I, Adam was a blonde heart throb. He was my friend’s cousin and as the day went on he seemed to want to spend more time hanging out with us.

This puzzled me being awkward and shy certainly did not attract any guys I thought were hot. I really didn't think anything of it until late that night. We had all been watching a movie and suddenly I looked around and Adam and I were the only ones left.

The movie came to a close and we sat talking. I didn't feel so shy, it just being us there alone. He let off a vibe that made me feel comfortable. We ended up playing Truth or Dare. I always choose truth. The dares a 16 year old boy will give are just not doable for a shy 13 year old girl.

Or are they?

After a few forgettable truths and some not daring dares he said "Truth or Dare. Yeah, Truth right? ok. Would you like to see me naked?" I giggled uncomfortably.

A yes or no question that seemed to bring all the awkward back. "Well, would you? You've got to answer." His impatience egging me on I nodded. He removed his shirt, shoes and socks then laughed and said "That's all the peek you are getting."

I laughed my approval feeling a good bit uncomfortable by then. He was rather a nice build at 16. Then I asked "Truth or Dare." and he looked at me like I was mentally handicapped. I was really insure if I had missed a huge red flag somewhere and the game was over. "Dare."

I dare you to run around the outside of the house naked.

"Challenge accepted."

He danced at the edge of the door going outside, removed his pants, and was a steak of white as I got a shot of his naked butt. I stood laughing at the doorway. I heard something, and next thing I know my friends mom is standing there next to me.

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