Smallest Swimsute in Texas Contest

by Susan
(Bonham, Texas USA )

Last summer, my boyfriend John was in Houston, Texas taking a special training class for his job. John came across an ad for the smallest swimsuit in Texas contest. This contest was at a private club. John called me and asked me if I wanted to show off my micro 2-piece swimsuit in public and have a chance to win $1000.00 in cash. Why not?

The contest was in 3 weeks. John got me the entry form. I had to fill it out and send it in with proof of age. Every one had to be 18 or older. During the 3 weeks before the contest, I worked on ways to look the best I could in my swimsuit. John got me a new pair of 4 inch high heals.

The day of the contest, there were 25 women in this contest. The club had us draw lots to see who went first and so on. I drew number 25; I would be last out on stage. This is the point I found out that last year. This event got wild. It started out as a swimsuit contest. Then became a miss topless. Then a miss nude contest. I was thinking, this might be fun.

The club held about 300 people. It was a full house. Also no photography was allowed. If you had a cell phone or a camera or recording device, it had to be left in your car or checked at the door.

I was wearing a robe over my swimsuit. The club had a runway stage that went out about 50 feet. The club did have good security. They did show people the door out. Well, come my turn, I walked out in my micro mini. This swimsuit covered only about 6 square inches of skin, if that. Everyone was going wild. 10 of us went in to the next round. I got 4th place and $300.00. Now the wild part:

We were asked if any of us wanted to go topless. Me and 7 others stepped up. I walked out topless and every one was going wild. Every one was yelling, “Take it off!” Then were asked if we would take a naked walk down the stage. Five of us stepped up. I was turned on. I would be nude in a public place. And would not end up in jail. Well, my turn came. I walked out wearing nothing but a pair of high heals. And a big smile.

I’ll be back next year. I did have fun.

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Mar 15, 2016
Walkway contest
by: Anonymous

Wow. I wish I could have been there. You had a group of 300 going wild for you. It had to be a huge turn on.
GOOD LUCK NEXT YEAR! Be sure to write back then.

Jun 24, 2018
What did John think?
by: Anonymous

Did John like it when you walked out there nude?

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