by Emily
(L.A, California)

A Bra Dare Story

A Bra Dare Story

(Photo from Jesslee Cuizon)

During senior years of college, my friends and I had become rather tired of being bores who studied more often than they partied. It was the end of the semester, and we had just finished finals.

We would all be going home the next day for winter vacation and we had decided that tonight we would PAR-TAY! We had never done anything really wild, and were a little scared that the college experience would pass us by and we would be left with responsibility and maturity without having ever really had the opportunity to be crazy.

It was not so much that we were saintly children who never did anything wrong. I admit we had a couple of drinks despite being under-aged. And those drinks may have been taken on campus, which was by rule alcohol-free.

And if you combined the number of parties all five of us had ever attended in total, you wouldn’t use up all your fingers. We were rather grounded, and cautious. But this day was different. We had each had our fair share of shots, and were feeling the effects of the alcohol. We wanted to do something crazy.

But definitely not too crazy. Only a while before, we had seen some boys go streaking outside our balcony. And we were rather enchanted by the idea. It captured our imaginations, but no one in our group was brave enough to bare all.

We dared each other consecutively less dangerous versions of the event until we hit something that we would all be willing to do. The task was so harmless, it hardly deserved to be called a dare at all. We girls only had to go outside on the balcony, remove our bras, wave them at the other girls inside and then put them back on.

But, we took a perverse pleasure in doing something so out of character for us. And it was something we could just blame on alcohol. This adventure led to a couple of more fun dares and a night to remember!


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Oct 28, 2012
What are those more extreme daers
by: Henry

Please tell me those more extreme daers I'll do whatever daers you want

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