She came in unannounced while we played Strip Poker

Guys! Wanna play Strip Poker with me? :P

Guys! Wanna play Strip Poker with me? :P

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Anyways, we were at my apartment in college, and I invited over a group of my friends to play strip poker, all girls, and my roommates all guys who were very good at poker were going to play as well. And when I say good, I mean, they paid their rent every month playing poker at the local casino.

However, as game time approached, I received a phone call from one of my friends Kelsey. She asked whether or not she could bring her cousin along, and after asking my roomies, who all knew that Kelsey was by far the hottest girl that had been in our apartment since we started leasing a year ago immediately said yes!

We cracked open a few beers and waited for them to arrive, set up the table and then greeted them eagerly as they approached the door. Kelsey's cousin wasn't there. "Kelsey," I said, "where is your cousin?" "Oh, parking the car down the street. We just got dropped off out front to save us the walk."

We claimed our seats around the poker table and then came the knock on the door I got up and opened the door... Only to find the largest, hairiest ugliest man I have ever seen in my life. My roommates sat agape at the sight, but we figured it was no big deal. Still, as we began playing, a trend started to arise.

The hairy man, Jim, lost, every, hand... We soon came to realize that the girls were not going to lose their clothes, and that there would soon be a 350 pound ugly and hairy man naked in our living room... Yeah, it was really disgusting, but we'd all been in locker rooms before, so no big deal. Until my mother walked in with surprise groceries from a Costco run.

She had never come in unannounced before, and I doubt she ever will again.

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Sep 01, 2013
Not unlucky unless you are the only one
by: Francis

You don't really "lose" when you strip down in a game of strip poker. Although you should propose an alternative "penalty" if you run out of clothes.

But if you are quick on your feet and know a few clever dares for the "too much clothed", then you can quickly turn the tables again!

Aug 31, 2013
strip poker
by: Anonymous

I would of loved to been playing in that game. I am unlucky though so I probably would end up naked too.

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