Sex with Unknown Person

by Susan
(Bonham, Texas USA )

I would love for my boyfriend to tie me down spred eagle to our bed naked. Then have a blindfold and a ball gag placed in my mouth.

Then my boyfriend then tells me that a friend of his will soon be by to have sex with me. I will not hear his voice.

And I will never know who he is. Then the unknown person arrives and has sex with me for the night.

Then he leaves and I never find out who he is.

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Nov 29, 2016
Really kinky dare!
by: Francis

Wow, this really is... kinky! I don't know how I would react if my girlfriend would ask me that, to be honest. Did your ask your BF? Does he know this is your fantasy?

How would he feel about one of his friends... having you for a night? Would you want him to watch? What happens if he films the whole thing? (OK that goes against the part that you never know, but what could you do if you are handcuffed to the bed?)

Really kinky stuff. Do you know if your BF has a similar hidden dark desire he can share with you?

Why not ask him "Truth" sometimes?

Nov 17, 2016
by: Andy

I could never do this. It's fun to have sex, and even with someone you know, but the idea of not knowing overall..... I just couldn't. It sounds exciting as hell, though.

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