Secret Admirer - Smartphone Dare

by MwconJtv
(California, United States)

Part 1 - grab someones phone (secretly, and can be of opposite sex) and take nude pics of yourself (with no identifying face shots) and return the phone without them noticing. wait for it...they will notice soon enough.

Part 2 - if they dont see the new image before the person leaves; you must bring up somehow that they now have new images on their phone without them knowing you took them. (ex: send them a cool image or something via text to make them save and look at the phones images)

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Apr 10, 2013
That's a hard double dare!
by: Francis

Thanks for sharing this dare idea! It's clear you put a lot of thought into it.

To make sure you're identity is hidden, perhaps only take a photo of a small part of your body. Like a piercing or tattoo no one knows about.

This dare would also work fit any digital camera that your target lets lie around. Perhaps even better?

Apr 10, 2013
i agree
by: mwconjtv

thanks for the approval. all those ideas are great, it was just a starting point to let your imaginations go wild on that one. plus i wanted those xtra dares i can only get by submitting a new one ;)

Apr 10, 2013
Hope you enjoy :)
by: Francis

It's cool that you took the time to think of a really good dare as a submission. (Not every visitor is that creative!)

Hope you enjoy the dare ideas. Let us know when you used them with your friends by telling us the story about it!

(Hint: If you do that, there's another bonus waiting for you!)

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