Risque Dares for a Hot Evening

by Michael

Massage someone in the most awkward spots (bare these spots) either of you can think of for eight minutes. While doing so you can only look at what you're massaging or maintain eye contact with the person being massaged (you may alternate).

Nervous game... stay in final spot for 3 turns.

The group gets to choose any common word. For the remainder of the game, each time you speak this word you must immediately perform ten good pushups. If you cannot do the push ups, you get a doozy of a dare even if it's not your turn.

Let everyone playing draw on you in permanent marker on your chest.

Get a hickey.

Play strip poker. Winner gets possession of the losers’ clothes.

Lay on top of someone face to face. Spin a bottle to decide who. Lasts 5 rounds.

Flip a coin. Heads, you take another dare. Tails, you take two more dares.

Boomerang Dare! From now on you have to do the same dare you ask from anyone else, too!

Give a full body massage to someone in the group. Flip a coin. Heads, person to your left. Tails, person to your right. No skipping over anywhere.

Remove as much clothing as you can in one minute WITHOUT using your hands. Whatever is not off after a minute, you will have to take off and do without it for fifteen minutes. Anything you did take off can be put back on after the timer ends. 

Give everybody your cell phone number and turn it on vibrate, then stick in your (lower) underwear. The other players can now text you nonstop for 5 minutes.

Girls strip to the waist, Boys strip below the waist. Do 25 Star Jumps in front of your friends. When finished, put the clothes back on that you took off, plus 1 extra. If no extra clothes to put on, take one off someone else.

Select a random player to stand behind you, then slide their hands under your shirt (and bra if you’re wearing one although you may want to take the bra off for comfort’s sake) and up onto your chest. Stay like this for 10 minutes.

Wear only shaving cream, whipped cream, or some other creamy substance for your next five turns. You can’t fix it if it smudges.

Let everyone playing sign you in permanent marker on your butt.

Strip above the waist.

Everyone picks a color. Every piece of clothing with the colors chosen has to be taken off for five minutes.

Wear only one item of clothing (your choice) until another dare changes that.

Cuddle with someone else in the skimpiest state you've been in all night. Flip a coin to decide if they do the same or stay clothed. Spin a bottle to decide who. Do this for ten minutes

Allow yourself to be blindfolded. You must now drop your pants and underwear, sit on a chair with your legs spread as wide open as possible and allow anyone who wishes to check you out as closely and intensely as they like. You allow 3 minutes in this pose to allow everyone to get a good look at your package.

Have someone put something edible and creamy (pudding, whipped cream, etc.) on your privates. Have someone else lick it off.

Take a naked picture of yourself see who will buy it from you for money. The highest bidder can keep the picture and you can keep the money. No one who is not present can see the photo.

Choose a word. Every time someone says that word, take something off.

Put on one piece of clothing if you you're not wearing all your clothes. If you are you may either hold onto this until you must take something off, or go ahead and make someone else take something off. Only worth one piece of clothing.

Lay down either in your underwear or whatever state you're in if you're wearing less and don't move. The other players must melt ice cubes onto you.

Put on a blindfold and don't defend yourself. The group may mess with you however they want.

Flash someone when they aren't looking. See how long you can flash them without them noticing.

Go find something smallish (index cards, wash cloths) to cover your genitals with. Then strip down and tape it to yourself. You can keep this on even if a dare tells you to get naked, but if it falls off or is pulled off, you have to leave it off.

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Jan 02, 2013
Nervous Game
by: Francis

A Very Impressive List of Dares… Michael!
And there is some really good stuff for adults. Thanks for sending us this great list of Dare ideas.

About the nervous game!

I think that a few people might not know what this is?

The 'Nervous Game' is where you put a finger or a hand on the body of another player.

Then you ask; 'Are you nervous?'

The other players say; 'Yes' or 'No'

If he says 'No', you can move your hand in a certain direction for a little bit, then do the same thing again until that person says; 'Yes I am Nervous'

It's a game between a courage test and a Dare.
Your idea, Michael, to stay in the final spot for three turns is a really nice spin on this game.

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