Pumping the gas... Naked

by Romanose
(Vancouver WA USA )

I was at an adult video store, which is located in the middle of a fairly large city in the great NW, looking to find an adult video to watch... After browsing for awhile I found myself hard and horny...

I made my selections and headed back to my car... I get in my car and immediate danger dared myself to strip naked for the drive home...

It was like two am... The city was pretty deserted...

I throw my clothes in the back to make sure I stay naked and no cheating along the way... There is almost no traffic at this hour... Only a few cars on the freeway...

I can't go fast since I do not want to be pulled over but this means I am being passed by cars completely naked. As I am driving I see this gas station that at this time has no attendant but they leave the pumps open for credit card purchases...

I pull off the freeway... I hit a red light... I am waiting playing with a really nice hardon... I am so pumped or proud of myself when this 4 wheel drive truck pulls up beside me...

I know he can see right into my car... I am nervous as hell as we sit there for the light to chance...

Finally it did... I pull into the gas station... Pull up to the pump... I look around to make sure nobody is around... I get my wallet out of my pants in the back... I look around one more time get out of my car...

Totally naked and totally hard I am so nervous and horny at the same time... I slide the card… It seems like it takes forever to approve... But no one is still around I am doing this...

I get more confident... Pull out the pump and start to pump my gas...

Since no one still around I decide to wash the windows and now am out on the vulnerable side of the car where anyone driving by could easily see me... The pump then stops and I regretfully put the pump in place get in my car and finish my ride home...

Luckily I have a garage so the neighbors have not a clue... It was such a great dare... I really felt good about me doing such a thing

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Feb 07, 2016
to your question
by: romanose

I didn't unload till I got home ... but boy ... did I unload ... thanks for noticing and your comments ... love you guys

Feb 06, 2016
The long, really hard ride.
by: Lynn

This story is great. I think you must've been so into it at the gas station you couldn't resist doing the windows to add to your excitement. What would you have done if a cop pulled up? That would be a HARD situation to explain. Wow. I'm going to follow up your story with a similar story with me and my wife. We didn't get out of the car though. You're one brave guy and we both loved your story.
You didn't mention if you made it in the house before you exploded.
Curious minds want to know.

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