Playing Truth or Dare with the Cool Kids

Well, once when I was 15 I was invited to a party with 8 'popular' kids. I was completely surprised I would be allowed to come to a cool kid party.

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But I did not think much of it. There was a school dance and after words we walked to this girl Mia's house.

Once we got there we decided to play a game. We picked truth or dare.

My friend went first picking truth and everyone asked if she was in love with someone else.

Then another boy went and picked truth also, and we asked was it true his first person he made love with was five years younger than him, he said no. My turn, wanting to be cool, I picked to do dare. That was a mistake.

I told them to pick their worse. They said, go up to Mia's older sister, flirt with her and then try to get her to make out with me. If I got any further than making out, I would be 'cooler'. So I got up and went to her.

She was sitting on her bed doing homework, (she was 19 at the time) and I asked if she was busy, she said not really. So I sat down and she told me what homework she was doing. I pretend to be interested.

Than we got into talking about her friends and I asked if she had a boyfriend. We talked for about 45 minutes and finally she told me she did not.

I knew that was a good thing.

She said she was just dumped. So I told her why, such a beautiful girl like you?

She seemed shy and hugged me.

I looked at her and kissed her, and she slapped me so hard.

I went downstairs with a huge red mark across my face. That was the last time I would pick dare.

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May 01, 2012
you had courage
by: Anonymous

At least you were courageous enough to try the kiss.

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