Truth or Dare in Tents!

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I was around 10 years old and there was me and my cousin and two girls in a tent having a sleep over. We were playing truth or dare and at first it was tame stuff like kissing and touching and then we got more bold and started taking clothes off.

I go dared to strip down naked and run down the block. It was the middle of the night so I figured I was safe to do this. I got naked and went running down the street.

I got to the end of the block and what did I see? Yeah you guessed it, it was a police officer and he saw me. He hit me with a spotlight and told me to stop where I was.

This was in a small town so even if I took off running the cop would know where to find me.

So I stopped and he came up to me and told me "Son I am sure you are playing truth or dare, but you are breaking the law." I was so scared he was going to take me and put me in jail.

He tells me "Son you need to run on back to where you were and put your clothes back on." The officer followed me back to the tent and then drove off.

My cousin and the girls asked me what happened and we all got a good laugh out of it. The next day I was walking down the street and the officer pulled up next to me and rolled down his window and said "good to see you with clothes on" and laughed and drove off.

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Truth or Bear

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When I was 11 I spent half of my summer in the middle of the woods at my first co-ed camp. One of the bonuses of going to a co-ed camp, as it turned out, was the competition to be the most daring.

My tent mates and I dared each other all day and all night, from self-inflicted brain freezes to throwing crayfish at the lifeguards, but the real fun came at night.

When we thought all the counselors had gone to sleep (but were probably off making out or drinking by the fire) we would sneak over the boys tent to plan pranks for the night and , of course, play truth or dare.

The boys were VERY competitive, and every night someone would try to out-do the previous nights' dare. While most of the girls would safely take the "truth" route, I couldn't resist getting in on the daring action.

One night in late-summer, I got a dare that didn't sound all that risky: sneaking into the mess hall to steal a vat of chocolate syrup. It would be a piece of cake, or so I thought.

My pack of snickering partners in crime followed me across the campground and into the service entrance of the mess hall.

They stood guard out front as I ventured into the pantry in order to retrieve my chocolaty prize. As I fumbled around in the dark I heard screaming and clambering from the front of the building.

Assuming we had been caught, I escaped back out the service entrance and ran straight to my tent, hoping to make a weak attempt at pretending to sleep.

When my truth-or-dare comrades finally returned, they had a story I hardly believe to this day. As it turned out, we weren't the only ones looking for a snack that night.

A black bear had scraped through the screen porch at the front of the dining room while we were sneaking in the back! Luckily all the screaming scared him off, but that was the last of truth or dare for US that summer! ...

OK, maybe not!

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Dec 21, 2011
perhaps a teddy bear ;)
by: Anonymous

Made me smile anyway, so the story can be real or fake, does not make a difference

Nov 15, 2011
by: Anonymous

A BUNCH OF KIDS SCARING A BEAR? That's nuts. I don't believe it... especially if you're spending so much time there... you wouldn't be in tents if bears would possibly come by

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