Nudity + Go-Karts + Running into Ladies = Fun Dare

by Alex (This happened when I was around 19.)
(This took place in: Houston, Texas, USA )

(Photo from MyLifeStory)

I and a bunch of friends were sitting in a diner at around 4am on a Sunday, bored. So we decided to play truth or dare. One of the friends I was with worked at a go-kart track, and had the keys.

We dared him to let us drive go-karts, and he said yes.

So, we get to the go-kart place, and drive around a bit, but even that gets boring. So, we continued the truth or dare game.

Someone was dared to drive a go-kart naked around the track. They did. Kind of tame, it was just us.

The sun was coming up, and someone dared me to drive around the neighborhood the go-kart track was in, naked. I said: "Okay."

My friend who worked at the track opened the gate for me, and I drove out onto the street. It was almost 8am by this point, and there was a little bit of traffic.

I was going pretty fast, so I don't think anyone noticed that I was naked.

I drove a couple of blocks to the west, and didn't realize I was on the same block as a large church. Apparently the night before they had a sleepover for their teen girl Bible study group.

It was too late to turn around, I was already in the middle of the block, and they had seen me. One of the girls yelled:

"hey! That guy in the go-kart is NAKED!"

So, I did what I felt was the right thing to do: I slowed down, saluted the girl who had yelled, and as I passed by the large part of the group, I nodded to the girls, and said:

"Good morning, ladies."

When I got back to the go-kart track, everyone said I had been gone awhile, and wondered what had taken so long.

I told them that it I ran into some lovely ladies, and that it would have been rude to rush back with the go-kart.

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May 04, 2012
Like a Sir!!
by: Francis

Oh. My. God.
You, Sir, do not only have balls of steel, but clearly a great sense of humour too!

Loved the attitude. Loved the truth or dare story.

Keep it up, and say hi to the ladies again when you're clothed again ;)

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