Nude in a Couple of Malls

by Publicnude
(Arlington, VA)

These were really a dare I gave myself. I am an exhibitionist, so I hope these are appropriate here.

The first one is in this country. I live within a block and a half of a mall. The mall is at the corner of two fairly busy streets. However, at two in the morning, it is not too bad. There are cars, but not enough to cause too many problems. At 2:00 one morning I decided to try it. I stripped completely nude. No flip-flops, no jewelry, not even a watch.

I walked out of my apartment and down the stairs. I entered the parking lot; I love being naked outside. I walked down the parking lot to the street, turned right and headed for the mall. During the day, two entrances are open. I went to the closest one, right on the street, but it was locked.

I walked toward the entrance to the parking garage, turned left and headed to the inside entrance. It was still open. I walked through the mall, past the elevators, up a short flight of stairs, pushed on the door, stepped in, and there I was, completely nude in the mall.

I started walking around. As I wandered around, I could see the reflection of my nude body in the store windows, I stood and looked at my reflection, thinking about what I was doing. What a rush. I went up the escalators, walking as they were stopped, to the top floor. I walked around the entire mall.

As I was finishing circling around the top level and was preparing to walk down the escalator. I walked past one of the shoots off the main floor, and there was a cleaning lady. I stood there naked, and she looked up. She saw me, but was not shocked. She just smiled and went about her business. I went down the escalator and walked around that floor. I walked to the lower level. I circumnavigated that floor and decided to walk down to the food court.

I walked past each food purveyor's place. It was exciting wandering around there nude. All of a sudden, I heard voices. Because of the acoustics, it was hard to determine where they came from. There was only one way out, up the escalator and about 200 feet to where I came in. I climbed the escalator and started toward the exit.

As I went toward the exit, I looked down into the food court and saw three maintenance guys moving across the food court. That was close. I would like to have them see me, but that might not be a good idea. I walked to the exit, entered the garage, and exited the mall.

I noticed there were more cars driving by than when I entered. I watched until it was clear, and walked across the street. I headed up the street to my apartment and coming toward me was a car. Usually, cars are parked along the street I could hide behind; not at 2:30 in the morning.

So, I just continued walking, and they drove by. I could see their headlights hit me. I have no idea whether they saw me or not; I hope so. I walked across my parking lot, up the stairs, and into my apartment. I was very exhilarated. Wow.


My second adventure was much more daring. It was on a business trip to Japan. I love Japan; I lived there as a kid and went there in the service. This trip was to Kobe. I searched for a mall near my hotel.

There was one about four miles away. I figured, based on some experience, that the Japanese do not take as dim a view of nudity as we do. You still have to be careful, but you have more leeway.

I got in my car and headed for the mall. My first problem entailed having to park pretty far from the entrance. I was going to walk in naked, so it would be sad if I never made it to the mall without an encounter. I parked, and stripped fully nude in the car.

I would go in with nothing with which to cover myself. I only had a wallet that went on my wrist in case I purchased anything or needed my ID. I exited the car completely nude. I closed the door but did not lock it. I left the keys under the seat.

I was about 600 feet from the entrance. There were no people in my parking row. However, I could see the heads of people walking in and out. I got to the entrance at the same time as a woman and her boyfriend. I held the door for them. They looked at me like I was crazy. I entered behind them. There were quite a few people. I could see a few of them look at me. A few stared, others just looked back down, and others just ignored me. I walked on by stores and came to a music store. I went in. Again I got various reactions.

A saleslady actually approached me and asked, "Can I help you?" She spoke English.

I said, "No thank you, I am just looking."

She said, "If you need anything, let me know." She just walked away.

I walked through the store getting glances from almost everyone. I saw a couple of young men, laughing like crazy. What was great was that everyone saw me. What a feeling. I exited the store back into the mall. I continued through the mall entering a store now and then.

There was a Victoria's Secret I decided to enter. The salespeople were very helpful. They did not seem phased at all. A couple of them even brushed against me. I wandered around because I liked the attention. Finally, I thanked them and left.

As I wandered around, I passed a pachinko parlor. That is a very popular non-electronic arcade game. There are hundreds of machines that look like pinball machines turned upright. I think in some places you can win money in these places.

The rows of machines are very close together, I guess so they can get more machines in there. I decided to go in and just walk up the aisles. That is hard to do without bumping someone. While I am sure somebody saw me, but no one cared.

My last stop was the food court. I looked around and settled on a tempura place. I was about to order when I was grabbed by a security guard. Uh-oh.

He said, "Please follow me." Again in pretty good English.

So, he walked me to a tiny mall jail. They actually put me in a cell. There was a girl in there, probably about twenty, looking kind of ticked.

She spoke Japanese to me and asked what was I doing walking around naked?

I said, "It was a fantasy to walk nude through a mall. I thought I would have a better chance here because the Japanese are not as prudish as Americans. I guess I was wrong."

She laughed.

I said, "What are you in for?"

"They caught me trying to shoplift some pants," she said.

I said, "That's not good."

She said, "No it isn't."

That was the end of that conversation. The guard let me out of the cell. They had apparently checked my ID (Good I brought my wallet.) They had called the hotel to verify I was staying there. They suggested I do not do this anymore. They walked me to my car, made sure I started it and left.

I drove back to the hotel, I did not bother to dress. I walked through the lobby, to the elevator, and to my room. It was everything I thought it would be. One more thing off the old bucket list.

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Oct 27, 2017
by: Tony

I bet I know what mall in Virginia you went in! Wish I was there at that time. Instant hard on lol.

Nov 17, 2016
I'm amazed
by: PKisser

I'm actually pretty speechless. I'd think that I would be if I saw a beautiful woman walking around naked like that too. If it were a man, I have a feeling that things would be treated very differently.

There's something about a woman's naked body, though, that is absolutely beautiful!

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