Nude Drive Home

by Lynn

My wife and I play couples truth or dare with 2 other couples about every other month. I have written a story earlier explaining the rules. We live a little outside a larger city and about 2 months ago, we were dared to get naked and walk out to our car and get in.

They live in a subdivision but our car was parked right outside of their garage. We only had to walk about 10 ft to our car. It was a Saturday afternoon and still daylight and cold. They brought us out my wifes purse and my wallet. Nothing else. They dared us to drive about 8 miles to the drive thru at McDonald's and order sodas. They were following us in their car, fully clothed. To get to this McDonald's, we must drive through town at a very busy time.

You also have 3 traffic lights and a large strip mall full of people walking along the sidewalk with a full view. Anyone could easily see my wife's breast walking by as we had to stop twice for other cars. We had several men and women see us completely naked when we stopped. At the drive through, a young man was at the window and got a full view of both of us. He laughed and asked what we were doing.

I explained and he thought it was cool. He called over another guy and a woman who got a full on look at us both while waiting for the food. I was at full erection and my wife’s nipples were now harder than I've ever seen them before or since. After a couple of minutes, we were finally able to pull out. On the way out, we had to go back through the mall and this time my wife was so worked up she sat up proudly. We again were noticed by a lot of people and this time they all saw I had an erection and a few made comments like “hey lady, take care of that poor guy.” LOL. We finally made it back to their house and got in unnoticed.

When we were all in, we were starting to relieve each other. The others said no, that wasn't part of your dare. We begged them and they said if we agreed to let them tell us what to do to each other while they watched they would allow us. Oh, the things they teased us with, and making us stop every couple of minutes and then start back up drove us crazy. When we got home the next day and talked about it, we both agreed we'd do it again if dared. I'm looking forward to getting even with the other couples soon.

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