Next Door Neighbor Dare Story

This isn't really really embarrassing just .. weird .. and not funny.

So me and some of my girlfriends went over to my sister's house for the night.
She's twenty three. Owns her own house. We thought it would be cool to just you know do pillow fights, prank call our crushes etc.

But after all that one of my really good friends suggested we play a quick round of truth or dare.

Sounded fun. So we did.

We were asking the best truths but all of them were too scared to pick a dare, until finally I have the guts to do one.

So my friend Donna gives me the dare of walking down the neighborhood knocking on random peoples doors at night asking them for olive oil.

Really random, I know.

But what they didn't tell me was that the very first house I did was my crushes house...!

He had answered the door. And I was so embarrassed I couldn't talk. Literally, I was speechless.


So he closed the door on my face because, turns out, I was zoning out and just standing there.

Now he gives me really strange and confused looks in the hall.

o_o thanks guys. -.-

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Nov 08, 2012
XD omg! <- I rarely write that
by: Francis

This dare story was awesome! :D

Well, perhaps not for you who experienced this and now have to deal with it. So thanks so much for sharing this story with us!

Now, don't get too discouraged because of this episode. It might be a blessing in disguise.

(OK, now you are thinking I am crazy!)

This story might be an icebreaker between you and your crush. You don't have to let it stay at weird looks in the hallway.

Work up some courage and talk to the guy.

Yes, I know, it's super hard... But he will appreciate knowing you are not a crazy whack-a-doodle. That's good, right?

OK, when you have decided you don't want your crush to think you are crazy, go up to him and have a serious talk.

What else could you have to lose? (Well, you could have run naked through his garden as a dare and he could have seen you, but that would not be much worse).

Tell him about this story. Heck, send him the link to this story!

Have a good laugh about it with him. (If he's a cool guy and believes you your "we played truth or dare" story, then he will laugh with you. Not at you.)

Please let me know what happened next, I'm eager to know!

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