Naked Walk At the Golf Club.

by Susan
(Bonham, Texas USA )

This is Susan, I am back with my first nude dare and walk of 2016. This walk, I was with my sister Betty. ( not her real name). My sister Betty has just turned 18 and she wanted to join me on one of my naked walks in public.

After thinking it over during the winter, Betty and I came up with the idea of taking a naked walk across the local golf and country club. As per our plan, John would drop us off at 1:00 am and pick us up at 4:00 am next door at the local high school.

The big night arrives, John drops us off on the west side of the golf club. We walked over to the east side. There a public street. We just had to run naked in the street. Then we walked back west to the high school.

There were no security lights of any type. But, on the west side of the school there a straight highway. On the other side of the highway is a gas station which remains Open 24 hours, a big store and a lot of cars on the highway.

We push our luck and get about 100 feet from the highway. Cars driving by no one slowed down or even look our way. We walked back over to the other side of the school building. Betty and I lay in the grass looking at the stars. It was getting cool and we were getting goosebumps. Then John drives by and picks us up. Betty and I are thinking about our next time.

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Nov 17, 2016
First timer? No way.
by: Ashley

I have a feeling that the country club has seen stuff like this before. I'm juuuuuust guessing, though. :)

Jul 19, 2018
Reply. Why I do this.
by: Susan

One comment . Why I do this. I love the risk. It turn me on. I have a nice body and enjoy showing it off. I love going to topless or nude beaches. My boyfriend will dare to go nude in a public place. If I find a way to do it without getting caught by the local police. I will do it. We have a fence in back yard. Where I suntan nude. The man next door likes to watch me from his upstairs window. I even ask him "do you enjoy the view" I don’t care he watched me nude. Even as a little girl mom could not keep clothes on me. So she let me run around naked. It just the way I am.

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