Naked - Need I Say more?

So me and my friends were playing truth or dare....and it was mine turn to choose. I chose dare....only bexausebthey all said I had to because the whole time others been picking truth....any who I chose dare and they told me to leave the room because this was gonna be an extra special one from all of them.

So I left the room and came back in when they said I could. (We were all wearing 2 pieces BTW) they told me to turn around so I did and then one of them gave me a wedgie! I begged them to stop because it hurt so badly and they said only if I promised to do whatever they said.

I was crying at this point so I said yes and they let go......then we went outside by her pool. (It’s like 1 in the morning) they told me to lay down on one of the chairs so I did. Then they went and go whip cream and sprayed it in the top and bottom part of the swimsuit. Then they grabbed the neck string of my top swimsuit and untied it.

Then they grabbed the bottoms of my swimsuit ties and pulled on them and they became untied......then they told me to take my top off. I said no then they said we will do it for you then I said go ahead...try!

Then they grabbed me and took me over to the trampoline and pushed me in there then they all got in there and started coming at me and got my top off. Then they tried yanking at my bottoms and I said no no no please stop!!!

They said what will you do if we stop?

Um..... I will go streaking down the road and back. They agreed. I was still gonna be naked either way but when they were all coming at me it was hurting me so......I stood by her mailbox and removed my bottoms while they were filming it!

I ran down the street and back and when I got back they started turning the other way with my swimsuit! They were running down the block where a party was going on and they were all outside in the front yard or on the porch.

One of the people saw me and said hey everyone that girl is streaking. They all started laughing and taking pictures.... I was crying at this point. They finally stopped in front of my crush's house and they said if you want your swimsuit back all you have to do if ring on their doorbell and hide off to the side and hope no one sees you.

So I did and I hid by some bushes and it was my crush who answered the door! He walked down the steps but lucky walked and looked on the other side. Then my friends finally gave MW my clothes back but then when we got back to her house she made me put my clothes in the laundry room to be washed.

Then I had to sleep naked.....that was my worst naked dare story ever. I have a lot of naked embarrassing stories....

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Jun 14, 2023
Not right NEW
by: Anonymous

That was not consensual.
It was sexual assault by so called "Friends"
Photo's of someone nude without expressed permission is wrong.

Jul 11, 2019
For you NEW
by: Anonymous

Post a pic of naked body

Jul 26, 2014
by: Anonymous

I had streaming experience to! Luckily my friends let me wear clothes after completing my streak across my Jr. High camp, Spring '01!!

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