Naked. Need I say more??

by Ben, the daredevil
(United states) story begins with a party my friends were hosting. Half the reason I went was because I knew my friends well enough to know that a dare contest would be brought up early in the night. We have dare contests. We don't play truth or dare because we don't like to give anybody the option to chicken out and pick truth. So we had our names on pieces of paper and put them in a pail.

My name was pulled out. I was to leave the room and come back when they had come up with a dare. Now, our games can get real hot real fast. We aren't wimps. We are all up for it. We are ALL daredevils. ;)

I returned 5 minutes later. I had to go on the computer and make a fake flier. What was it for.

Well, the top of the paper said: "Are you hot??" and in a subtitle it said "Try modeling nude!"

I had to make these fliers, get totally naked, and go around the block asking if our neighboring victims would be interested in being a nudest model.

The fact that we were pretending to be models would make people less concerned of why we were naked. But then an idea popped into my head. I dared my girlfriend to come with me. She smiled and we set off.


We went from door to door asking people about becoming a model, and let me tell you something: Try this dare (if you dare!) You would be suprized how many people said they were interested.

This was nothing for us, we were and are true dare devils!!

We went home after 3 hours of going from neighbor to neighbor in the warm summer air and then headed home. We all had fun that night. And I bet all of you out there will get a kick out of this dare ;)

Have fun you guys. Dare contests for the win!

Ben, the daredevil


Here's the number we put on the fake flier. Check these guys out. They're really funny and won't mind you calling them ;)

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Apr 09, 2012
Phone #
by: Ben, the daredevil

Francis, I am 100% sure that they're ok with the number being out. Call them if you get the chance. They appreciate everyone that calls. But when you do, DON'T TELL ANYONE WHAT THEY SAY!!! if anyone wants to know, they prefer to find out through the call. They hate it when friends ruin it for other friends, ok?? :)

But they are nice people. Here's the number:


Have fun :D

Apr 09, 2012
Good stuff, Ben!
by: Francis

Hi Ben, great to read another story from you again. Your friends must really be having a blast each party.

You *get* it. You really do.

I wish I could "teach" more people about what makes parties like yours so legendary.

Anyways, big props and hello from me to your girlfriend, she sure sounds fun :)

Why don't you tell your friends about this post you submitted today? You know, the friends who were around on this party.

They'll let us know if you really did the dare or if you chickened out halfway through :P

About the phone number you posted - it got automatically removed before I could submit the story. I guess this is a built-in security against any unwanted sharing of information.

If you really want to share some contact info, you can do it in the comments.

But make sure the people are OK with it.

Actually, please don't post their phone number, you never knows who will prank call you at night. ;)

But do let your friends know about your new page!

p.S: I read your email, but did not yet have the time to answer it. You'll read my answer soon.

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