Caught Naked+He took pictures from me!

by Emma
(New York)

Well I had a guy coming over to take me on a date, so I had to take a shower quick because he was going to be there in fifteen minutes. But I had just gotten home from volleyball so I was starving.

So first I ate it took me a long time so I got in the shower and when he came over my parents let him up stairs and I couldn't hear him because the shower was going...

So right when I got out he came in and I was completely naked and before I could do anything he snapped five pictures of me and I am so embarrassed...

Dare-Up-Your-Party's comments:

That sucks... At first I was like “oh the guy did not know” but he should have heard the shower, right? That’s probably when he got his camera ready...

Wait, what...?! He took five pics of you naked? When he was supposed to take you out on a date?!

Well... that’s... quite... ballsy right? You have every right to be em-bare-assed (sorry could not resist) but be sure to smack him one for being mean. Or better:

Take some nude shots from him too, at least then it is fair!

Anyways, is it just me or is this really the way to treat a lady? Let's hear everyone's opinion!

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Jun 08, 2012
just threaten to dump him
by: Anonymous

Say that it'll be over and he never has a shot at you anymore if he doesn't delete the pics.
If he doesn't care he is not the right guy for you anyways.

You can always go to his parents for help.

Jun 07, 2012
by: Anonymous

When you speak to him again just laugh off the fact he took nude pics of you and tell him that you want to go out again but should shower first, that's when you take the pics of him naked, and tell him that he has to delete the pics of you and you will delete the pics of him!

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Bad Boyfriend Dare

by Jessica
(san antonio texas,U.S.A)

I was at my friend's house with my boyfriend. We started playing truth or dare. First it was really calm. Then, it was my turn.

I chose dare and my boyfriend was choosing it. He said I had to strip to no clothes and kiss him. I stripped and started to kiss him.

Then, my friend started video taping me.

My boyfriend said the rest of the dare was i had to show everything on the video which was later put on the internet.

Way awkward!

see ''Jessica goes full naked'' by

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