The Middle School Dare

by Elizabeth
(United States, California, Eureka )



It was your average middle school girl sleepover. We were hanging out in the living, sitting on top of our sleeping bags, playing a good old fashion game of “truth or dare.”

As usual, the game always sounds fun in theory – but in reality, no one can ever think of any good truths, or dares.

My friend goes first – “truth!” she shouts.

We all look at each other, trying to come up with something to ask. “Who do you like?”

Oooo all the girls giggle and stare down my friend waiting for her answer.

In a quiet voice she admits she likes “Tommy.”

Ah ha! I knew it! We all laugh and give her a hard time.

And just like that her turn is over and it is time for the next victim.

It is her turn to pick and she slowly looks around the room. Her eyes stop on her best friend and I let out a sigh of relief. But then, her head jerks in my direction and she chooses me.

Oh no. I hate this part.

“Truth or dare?” she asks.

Well I sure don’t want to tell everyone who I like – dare!

Again, blank stares around the room, no one can come up with anything. Phew, I think, maybe I will get off easy. Then the dare gets announced.

I think to myself about how ridiculous the dare sounds. I sit there for a brief moment contemplating whether I will actually go through with it or not. Is it really worth it to make a fool of myself, and for what, the name of the game?

For half a second I consider bowing out, but nobody wants to be the party pooper. I reluctantly sigh and agree to the dare.

I look at the birthday girl and say, “well I’ll need a towel.”

She runs upstairs and grabs one out of the bathroom. As she runs back down and hands me the towel. With another sigh I take the towel and announce that we all must move to the front yard.

We are in the yard on the busy residential street. I grab the towel, wrap myself up and drop to the ground, rolling around. I scream out at the top of my lunges


The party erupts into laughter and I am thankfully done with my dare.

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Nude Dare with My Friends

by Anonymous

I'm a boy and one day I had to go to my brother’s god-parents’ house. I know this may not seem that bad, but there are no boys there and 2 girls.

Later it was getting boring, so I suggested that we had a game of truth or dare, while my brother went to his friends. So the first round was easy, I was asked "who do you fancy" and I said "Simple, nobody" one girl (older) was dared to sing one line of Milia kitty, and the other (younger) to do the same.

Next round was fun, but the last for one girl (older), I dared her to run round the house naked. Not wanting to, she did it. We (me and the younger girl) watched with glee as she striped and we saw her private parts.

We stared at her as she ran down the stairs, but when she got back her clothes weren't there for her to change back into (big mystery). Little did she know we were regarding hey from under her bed (we were playing in her room).

After a thorough search she sat down. We (still watching her) giggled as we slipped out from under the bed when she wasn't looking and pretended we just walked in. It was hilarious, we said to her "we'll tell you where your clothes are if you do one more dare". She obviously accepted.

We laughed and I told her "I dare you to pretend you’re kissing your loved one whilst saying there name and rolling about on the floor".

I and the younger girl laughed and when the older girl started, it turned out to be my name she was saying while making kissing noises. We gave her clothes and waited until she had dressed. Then she stormed off saying "I'm not playing anymore".

Me and the younger girl went into another room and I simultaneously dared her to do a load of crazy dances nude (Gangnam style, I'm sexy and I know it...etc.), whilst answering a load of dumb truth questions (who do you like the most, when was the first time you tripped over...ect).

That is what you call a fun night.

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Childhood Story: The Naked Impression

by Shannon
(Florence, SC, US)

(Photo from Photo Extremist)

The first memory I have of Truth or Dare is from when I was in the sixth grade. During this time of my life, I was kind of socially awkward and pretty shy. I had a few close friends, but I was definitely not considered popular.

I had been invited to a girl's birthday party, and it was a girl's sleepover, like most parties were in the sixth grade. There were about 15 girls invited to this party. I was friends with a few of them, but there were also some that I was not close to at all.

These girls were louder and crazier than I was, and they made me slightly uncomfortable. I went anyway, just because I wanted to make friends and be sociable. As the night went on, the group decided to play Truth or Dare.

I'd played before, and I always went with truth because I was too scared of what a dare might be. Of course, at that age, every truth was about what boys you liked and how far you'd gone with them. I probably made up something because at 11 years old, I hadn't even touched a boy yet!

It was one of the crazier girl's turns, and of course she wanted a dare. The girl giving out the dare told her to get behind the glass shower door and take off her shirt and bra. This seemed so crazy to me, and I couldn't even watch it happen! The girl did it, of course, and everybody laughed and went crazy.

From then on, I was even more scared to play truth or dare because I DEFINITELY did not want that happening to me!

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Truth or Dare Addiction

Getting Even Playing Truth or Dare was one of the few fun things to do in our rural town in Vermont. My middle school friends and I were addicted to it! I'll never forget one evening when things really got out of hand.

Truth or Dare Stories A Young Couple Kissing
(Photo from saracatharine)

We were playing in my friend Jade's basement; her parents were upstairs watching a movie in the family room. When Jade dared Bryan to kiss Ashley, he acted shy, but everyone could tell that they both liked it; the only person who didn't like it was Rainy.

Rainy had a crush on Brian and was furious that Jade had dared him to kiss anyone besides her!

When it was Jade's turn to choose dare, Rainy got her payback. She dared Jade to strip down to her underwear and go get the abandoned paper out of her neighbor's driveway.

Jade's neighbors were an older couple, and the idea of them seeing her stealing their old newspaper in her underwear was hilarious. After some coaxing, Jade stripped down and started to unlock the basement door.

Truth or Dare Stories Girl Stripping Her Clothes
(Photo from Exey Panteleev)

She made it halfway down her driveway when headlights turned in to the driveway and shined on her. It was her parents! They had gone out to rent a movie without telling us and had just gotten back in time to catch their daughter in her underwear.

Needless to say, Jade's parents were horrified at what we might have been doing while they were gone, and we were shocked that we hadn't even known they'd left us alone. Jade ran back into the basement and threw her clothes on and then went back outside to meet her parents and try to explain.

For the rest of the night, we had to sit upstairs in the kitchen until our parents came and awkwardly avoid eye contact with Jade's mother and father. After that, Truth or Dare wasn't a game we played at Jade's house; but we didn't stop playing it, either.

Jade thinks the story is hilarious now, but at the time she was grounded and seriously humiliated, which is a little more than Rainy was going to get back at her.

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