Naked Dare and the Neighbour

These guys sure have fun being half naked in the snow!

These guys sure have fun being half naked in the snow!

(Photo from eliduke)

Once we were playing truth or dare in high school at my friend's party. The majority of my class was at this party. It was during the holiday season and this party had become an annual tradition since middle school. It was my turn to play the game and I picked dare.

I always pick dare because truth always turns into an awkward question. This was in late December in the city of Toronto and it was below zero outside. It was also snowing and the roads were frozen. My best friend Paul dared me to run outside in just my underwear and boots.

I was to run down the street to a neighbor's house ring the doorbell a few times, when they answered I was to say, excuse me can I borrow a coat and then wait until either they gave me a coat or told me to go away.

I took on the challenge. I surprisingly did it and the neighbor's reaction was priceless. She went into her closet and gave me a coat and said let me know if you want some pants as well. I thanked her for the coat and told her I didn't need the pants.

I then ran back to the party, I almost slipped and feel a few times, but luckily I made it back safe. When I returned to the party the entire party was laughing at what I had done. They could not believe I actually had done this.

The rest of the party was spent laughing about what I had done. I took a long hot shower, but I was still freezing cold. I must have drunk ten cups of hot chocolate. When graduation occurred a few months later one of my friends had submitted a photo of this experience to the school for the end of the year slideshow.

It was quite funny!

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