Naked at School :(

by Ashley Capaldi

Hi, I'm Ashley, I'm 19 and this is the embarrassing story of my 1st day at a new school yesterday . I'd just moved to Edinburgh from New York and it was my dream to be a cheerleader.

To fulfill my dream, I decided I’d try and get in the school’s cheerleading squad. I met the head cheerleader Elizabeth and she told me the only way I'd become one is if I completed the initiation. So since I was naïve, I trusted her and agreed to do it . This was to be a decision I would regret massively.

A few minutes later I was taken by the cheerleaders to the woods next to our school wearing nothing but a towel. I was told to sit on the ground for 1 hour while blindfolded and with my hands tied with rope behind my back. So reluctantly I obeyed.

Once they had blindfolded me and tied my hands together behind my back, Elizabeth stole my towel leaving me completely naked without any way of hiding my nudity.

Since I didn't realize I was naked, the cheerleaders found my situation extremely hilarious and started taking photos of me. After a few minutes of listening to suspicious giggling and laughter, I asked, “what's so funny?”.

One of the cheerleaders then replied, “oh nothing it just seems you've lost something and the view we’re getting is marvelous”.

I didn't understand at first but after a few minutes, I discovered why they were laughing.

“I'm naked ! aren’t I ?” I enquired.

“oh yes you are my little baby girl and you'll stay like that till I say otherwise,” Elizabeth told me.

I then desperately tried to escape and cover up but I couldn't as my hands were still tied together behind my back. My pathetic attempts to free myself only made Elizabeth and her friends laugh and make fun of me even more. I was so humiliated!

I begged them to give my clothes back but they refused. I begged constantly but with no success. Elizabeth then said to me if I wanted my clothes back I'd have to go and find them.

One of the cheerleaders helped me to my feet and I asked Elizabeth where my clothes were. She refused to tell me and removed my blindfold. I asked her again and she revealed that my clothes were somewhere in the school but she couldn’t remember where.

I refused to leave the woods, I didn't want to run around back to school with everyone seeing me naked. So Elizabeth said calmly “ok fine we’ll leave you here, without clothes and while fully exposing yourself to everyone. People will think you’re a filthy whore!”.

Elizabeth and her friends left me there totally naked and alone. It was raining and I was absolutely freezing. After a few minutes, I decided, I had no choice but to go and look for my clothes. Luckily for me, all the corridors were empty as everyone was still in class, so no-one could see me running around stark naked frantically trying and failing to find my clothes.

Elizabeth had tricked me , she had my clothes all along hidden in her bag and I was just too stupid to realize, but by the time I did the worse thing ever happened. The bell rang.

Everyone came out of their classrooms and saw me naked. They started pointing and laughing at me while taking photos.

I then ran down the corridor to escape the hordes of people. I was so embarrassed! However as I was so focused on finding a place to hide, I wasn't watching where I was going and bumped into the head teacher.

She asked why I was naked. I tried to explain as best I could and once I'd finished she then untied my hands. She told me that this behavior was not acceptable and that I needed to be punished.

I covered myself with my hands immediately and was taken to the headteacher's office. Once there, the headteacher sat down and ordered me to lie across her knees. Reluctantly I obeyed. She then spanked me hard 10 times on each butt cheek.

Afterward, the headteacher told me to go to the lost property and get some clothes. So I ran to the office, found some clothes and went to my next lesson. Today was the worse day ever!

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May 06, 2018
I line it
by: Anonymous

This is actually my biggest fantasy. To have something like that happen to me would be awesome, as a fantasy at least, I'm sure at the time it was humiliating but do you look back now and get a little turned on by the amount of people who saw you naked?

Mar 10, 2017
ok that was heart breaking
by: Unknown

your story was absolutely sad and heart breaking, I felt so sorry for you I hope that the ones who did that 2 you will be punished 4 it and if not will be caught 4 something else. good story girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nov 17, 2016
No way.
by: Anonymous

Getting a spanking after they treated you like this? I don't know if it's fair at all. Hmmm. It sounds like a good fantasy, but that's it.

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