My Most Embarrassing Truth Or Dare Moment

Got in serious trouble just because of Truth or Dare...!

Got in serious trouble just because of Truth or Dare...!

(Photo from Ken Wilcox.)

My most embarrassing truth or dare moment happened when I was about fourteen years old. My cousin, Amanda, and I were babysitting her little sister while our parents went out for a few hours.

Amanda's mom called to say that they were going to stay the night out of town, so we decided to have some friends over. What was supposed to be a small social gathering became quite the party.

One of the most popular boys in school, Michael Wheeler, was there and he suggested playing truth or dare.

The game was going pretty slow because all of the girls were picking "truth", so I decided I was going to be the brave one to take a dare.

What a bad idea!

Michael, (the buttmunch!), dared me to take off my clothes and run around the block.

I got up my nerve and went to the bathroom to undress. My plan was to wrap a towel around me until I got outside and the haul ass around the block, and wrap myself up again.

What I didn't count on was Michael snatching my towel off and locking me out of the house.

I was outside beating on the door to be let back in when I noticed Michael's best friend Danny, with my aunt and uncle's camcorder.

That jerk recorded the whole thing!

But that's not the worst part. After about five minutes of beating on the door, I saw my uncle's suburban pull onto our street.

I tried to holler and tell Amanda, but everyone was so busy laughing hysterically that they didn't hear me.

By the time our parents got through with us, we were not only grounded, but they had called every else's parents, so they were grounded too!

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Apr 30, 2012
Got a good laugh :D
by: Francis

Thanks for your story! One is always the "stupid" one to first do a dare and get into trouble.

But on the bright side: he is always the one person that has the biggest story to tell! ;)

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