My First Game of Truth or Dare Started with an Endless Embarrassment

(Photo from Jayel Aheram)

I was in my early to mid-teens when I played truth or dare with about eight of my close friends in our home town of Columbus GA USA.

It was the first time we had ever played and there was a girl there that I liked for a long time. Her name was Amber and she had been one of my best friends and I had a crush on her for some time.

We started by playing in a steam room that was completely dark. We were all shy at first and all taking truths. It was very interesting at first but after about twenty minutes of nothing but truths we all started getting a little braver.

That is when it began to get interesting. A couple of us started to pick dares. They were all kissing this person or that person. As the night progressed we all started to get a little more comfortable and started going for the big dares.

Then the clothing started to come off. Toward the end of the Truth or Dare game we were all naked but still could not see the people we wanted to see. We decided to leave the steam room and go skinny dipping in the pool.

This was a dare for one person and the rest of us kind of followed. We were all still pretty embarrassed about our bodies so we all ran when the girls weren't looking and vice versa.

Anyways, most of my friends ended up in the pool without a hitch. I however was not so lucky. As I was running toward the pool I found a slick spot on the ground and ended up busting my tail end.
Unfortunately for me, everyone else was already in the pool and now they were looking at me. I was lying on the cement basically spread eagle on the ground. The fall hurt but the embarrassment of being completely naked and exposed for all of my friends was what really got to me.

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