My First Dare.

by Susan
(Bonham, Texas)

This happen when I was 16, my sister Betty was 15. Our friend June was staying with us over the weekend. We were watching a movie with a lot of nudity in it.

Mom would have hit the roof if she had known we were watching that movie. There was a scene where the female actor walks out into the woods, takes off her dress and walks around nude in the woods.

The next day June and my sister and I were talking about us doing the same thing that night. Run around naked in the woods.

Then it became a dare. All 3 of us had to take part. At that time my sister and I lived out in the country with mom and dad. Dad was out of town. Mom went to bed early. All 3 of us put on our 2 piece swimsuits. Walked out the back door to the wood about 100 feet north of our home.

It was a full moon that night. It was during the summer the night was still warm. We all walk to a small clearing. June made the dare, she had to take her top off first. Then Betty, then me. Then it was time to take off the second piece.

I got 3 twigs. Short twig will go first. Betty got the short twig. She stripped off the bottom half. Then June and me. Then we began walking around naked. I talked the other 2 to walk out to a very open area.

No trees, just a very open area. The only ones who would see us would be the cows. We walked about a mile come to some more woods. On the other side of the woods was a 2 lane state highway. I came up with the second dare of the night. To cross the highway and go over on to other people's property. But first, we had to stand naked on the center line of that highway for a minute or two.

We went into the field. It had a lot of the big round hay bales. Every now and then a car would drive by and we would hide behind the hay bale.

We started back home. When we get back to the area where we took off our suites. We didn't find them. We go to the back door. And it was locked.

Mom must have got up and checked the door. All we could do to hide in the barn. Mom came looking for us and found us naked in the barn. I told her that we went skinny dipping and lost our suites in the dark. Now my mom was very open about sex and nudity. She had seen us walk out back. We did not know she found our suites and took then.

Mom told us to go back and find our suites before we can come back in the house. We were out there all most all day looking. After that mom had a long talk with my sister and me about sex and nudity and promised her that if next time we did anything like that, We will let her know. So if anything went wrong. She would know where to look for us. My sister and I went skinny dipping many times. Mom went with us a few times.

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