My buddies wife

by Lynn
(Fenton )

A long time ago I was at my buddies house hanging out and heating up the BBQ Pit. He went in to grab a couple of beers. He came out and said his wife was taking a bath and the door for it was in his garage in need of repair.

He dared me to quietly go to the doorway and watch her until she sees him and tells me to beat it. I've always enjoyed a good dare and gladly accepted. I got to the door and saw her laying back with a wash rag over her forehead & eyes. I decided to venture more. I went in and sat on the toilet about 3 feet away. A couple of minutes passed & she sat up and removed the cloth. She let out a little scream & then said what are you doing in here. She thought my buddy would be pissed off.

I told her he dared me to come in here and watch you until you made me leave. (I've never seen her nude)

She said "Is that so?) I bet he assumed I would yell and scream and run you out immediately. I told her I'd already been watching her for several minutes and she's even sexier than I'd imagined. She just then realized I could still see her and said I guess I have no reason to cover up now.

She said how would you like to help me turn this around on him. I said I wasn't sure. She winked at me and said you will get to watch me nude until he finally comes in to see what's up.

I was immediately game.

Her idea was to get out of the tub and dry off. She said it would take her about 10 minutes to blow dry her hair. If he still wasn't in she would put make up on etc in the nude until he did. She stood up and my excitement meter went from half mast to full mast by the time she was dry. I had gym shorts on and she made a few joking comments about how hard I was.

She then began blow drying her long dark hair. She was now purposely teasing me as she leaned over to dry the back with her bottom staring right at me with a nice view. She turned around smiling and now I knew she was enjoying the show she put on for me. She finished with her hair and she said follow me. She sat at her make up table as I sat on the edge of their bed.

She turned to face me and started rubbing lotion on her arms, shoulders and breast which were as erect as I was. She said if he don't come in soon he will wish he had and laughed. She was now rubbing lotion on her belly and then said you should really enjoy this. With that she lifted a leg and slowly worked her way up to her hips. In this position I could see everything wide open in front of me.

I told her I was in pain and she laughed and said you can't leave me until he comes in. She then shifted her other leg up and when she got to her knee he walked in. What he saw was me sitting on the edge of his bed with a woody impossible to hide and his wife about 3 or 4 feet in front of me spread eagled and smiling ear to ear.

At first he was pissed off.

I told him he dared me to watch his nude wife until she made me leave. She never asked me to leave.

He then asked her why she thought it okay to spend about a half hour in front of me nude and legs wide open towards me. She told him that she asked me why I thought it was ok to sneak in and watch her nude.

He told me that you dared him to come up and watch me nude. I figured if you didn't come up and tell him to get out, you apparently wanted me to be naked in front of him.

He then laughed and said you turned the joke around on me and I guess I deserved it. He then went to her and said weren't you embarrassed to have him watching you?
She said she was at first but the thought of getting even made it worthwhile and that other than the big woody. I was a good sport.

She looked down at him and said it looks like you have the same problem now. We decided that they were going to make use of their bed and suggested I could sit in the chair she was in and relieve myself at the same time.
I finished up a bit before they did and got the rest of our meal ready. It was an exciting day.

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Dec 04, 2019
Dan's wife NEW
by: Anonymous

Dan's wife was totally beautiful. Blond, blue eyes, perfect 34B's. She never wore a bra. after she had a kid she would breast feed right on front on me, giving me the cumhither look and wink as she did. she drove me wild. She loved reading porn mags and watching porn. she had her own porn library she kept in their bathroom. IF I was using their bathroom she would almost always come in "accidentally". One day I purposely left the door open... she walked by totally nude. I finally got up the nerve to ask dan if I could date his wife as I know he had a long time girlfriend on the side. He said he'd think about it. A few days later we were all at his place watching "Dr.Who" and drinking. He said he was going into the bedroom and for me to come in in 15 minutes. I was anticipating a great time. 15 minutes passed, I could hear them making love. I waked to the door and... the darn door was locked...after they divorced serveral yeas later I dated her and asked her to marry me. she refused, but she told me that at the time dan offered to let me join in, that SHE had been asking him for months to do a 3some with me.

Sep 09, 2018
Can’t lie
by: Anonymous

I "finished" without touching myself while reading this. Well done.

Mar 15, 2016
My buddies wife
by: Anonymous

To bad they didn't invite you in the bed with them.

Feb 08, 2016
Awesome and very hot!
by: Francis

Lynn, thanks for yet another awesome story. I really need to set up an adult stories section though. It's a hard (no pun intended) decision with each naughty story I get.

Anyways, keep them... coming! ;)

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